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April 27, 2006

Oxford Cup: The Preview

Looking forward to heading to Oxford this weekend. Will be a good chance to listen to the lyrical genius of Candyshop. Am feeling very confident, although there are a few players from Warwick I will be keeping my eye on. Jambon is one of those, and I also feel Alex Liang is a bit of a wildcard (he is due a result soon, he hasn't had one for donkeys years). The softly spoken Mitesh is another one to watch.

The sad news is that Devilfish has let the whole of the UK Poker Scene down by his decision to dishonour his previous commitment and visit strip clubs in Vegas. Bloody Northeners! Oh well, I suppose at least he is not beating his wife.

March 07, 2006

Reflections on WaSOP

Well forgive me, it has been too long since my last confession…

The past few days have been a bit of a blur…mainly alcohol induced. Anyway I'll run through the main occurences for those interested.


After having only had 6 hours sleep in the previous 72, my nap was interruped by Alan Pars (Parsy). He informed me that he was in the bar and had started boozing. I promised to join him and promptly fell back to sleep.

However, by 9pm I had made it onto campus met Parsy at the bar, from there we progressed to the beer festival and met with Rick, Matt and friends..Parsy recommened an ale that was pretty good, however, before long he was whinging and clearly missing the lager filth he normally consumes.

We then moved onto the Union and saw a band called Breakestron.To be honest Parsy and I were not really convinced that this was such an effective use of our time as drinking. But before long Alan milkshake seemed to bringing the boys to the yard. Rick was perfectly at home wearing his hat, whilst Manny was content pouring beer over some guy and his girlfriend.

We caught a rather large pink taxi back to Sydenham and watched "Beat the bailiff"-A classic programme. Parsy slep soundly in Dave Lu's bed dreaming of his friend in the haberdashery who he knew he was sure to be seeing soon.

February 28, 2006

£5 rebuy tournament

After Flash had given me a good thrashing at chess in the Graduate, it was along to Social studies. The King of landora poker himself was sat on my original table, and witnessed medouble up holding A8 and getting all my chips in on the turn with 2pr to crush my opponents AK.

After a nippy venture to CostCutterwith Mr James O'maha-the nicest man in Warwick Poker it was back to the grindstone. I massaged my stack up to aound 20k before making what I consider a very dubious play. Overbetting utg holding TT, when Chris Burton pushed from the blinds, I was less than happy. My original overbet meant I was essentially almost comitted to a call- at least mentally I was. Sure enough Chris flipped overrockets.

Down to about 6k with blinds at 400–800 I moved allin for the next 3 hands. I then cracked KK with 33, and to add insult to injury then cracked William's A7, holding 35, when the A24 flop gave me the wheel, it was clear I was destined to be my night.

I then made a steal attempt against Alex Straight who had raised it up in ep holding 99. It was time for me to find out where I was with the monster that is Q5, Alex confirmed exactly where I wa after deliberating for a few minutes. However, the Queen on the river meant rather than being up 'shit creak' I was coasting along on the QE2.

Played aggressively around the bubble and before you could say "35 flopped the wheel" it was time for the final table. There were some definite players there in the shape of Pav, Dhruv, SnakeKing, Alex Liang, and Brutal Stack. However, despite the strength of the enemy, my army of chips meant I was in with a great chance of a top 2 finish.

As players dropped out it was left to me and "the kid" for a showdown at what Lukin was worried was midnight. The Kid was not quick on the trigger, instead he kindly handed me the rope to hang myself, bluffing off my chips with merely King high.

A good night all in all, I won a seat in WASOP and £75 to boot. It was just a shame I was out of earshot of Richard Mylles as I was unable to benefit from his words of wisdom on cash game strategy. Oh well, you can't have all the luck!

February 27, 2006

Poker Marathon

Played a long sesion on Pokerstars yesterday. Was pretty pleased with how patiently I played especially in the $30 deepstack. After missing a lot of draws early on and not getting above the starting stack of 5000 for a coupleof hours I battled hard and never gave up.

In the $10 deepstack I played for 5 hours for a profit of just $5..However, you can't knock a final table cash and so intend to persevere with these events.

Flash played the Monte Carlo sat and made a terrific call pre-flop holding JJ and was not phased by his tournament life being on the line. Unfortunately he didn't win a seat and played an interesting pot holding A8 on an AK8 board. Unforunately his opponent held a set of Kings.

Big week coming up work wise with a couple of essays to crack on with. Have the WASOP and going home to look forward to..I'm intending on going in fancy dress..

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