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June 01, 2007

Walsall Shenanigans

Wednesday night saw 12 of us make the trek to Walsall Casino to play in their thirty quid double stack. I wasn’t going to go myself (as I had an exam in two days), but after some suitable encouragement from JD, I decided to sacrifice my revision for the greater good. I hope JD feels he made the right decision here. Anyway.

Bobby Jagger was one of those who decided to come. It was good to see Jags again, and it looked as if he had bought some new clothes to mark the occasion. His newly polished shoes, Party Poker Jacket, and disco-shirt combo were lovely, and the hand-moisturising he indulged in on the way meant he was glowing radiantly as we stepped out of the car at Walsall.

As we walked in, Flash and I got a bit of flirting in with the receptionists. Yawn. The rest of the group went off to Chiquito’s to have a Mexican. Chiquito’s is the most overpriced, overrated restaurant I have ever had the misfortune of stepping into. The service is terrible, and the food tastes like it just came out of a sewer. I wouldn’t feed it to my dog. Accordingly, I stayed at the casino and ordered some good old British bangers and mash.

The tournament kicked off at half nine, and unfortunately Scott, Minty and Jags, who weren’t in their seats at the time, were not allowed to play. I busted pretty quickly, and so sat in 2pound/2pound cash game. One interesting hand: Folded round to me on the button, and I pop it up to 16 with 7d9d (it had been straddled). SB and straddler both call. Flop is ATx, and the SB leads into me for 25. Straddler folds, and I am pretty sure that SB is just making a probe bet here with a weak ace. I shove for 104, and he calls with AT. gg me.

I walk over to the tourney to see how the Warwick lads are getting on. Jambon, Mark and Flash are still in, so I watch for a bit. They are using this tourney to train some new dealers for next weeks festival, and I time one dealer. She takes 1min and 10 seconds, which is absolutely ridiculous. I know that Saef can fire those bullets off in less than 5 seconds, which is much more like it.

After being forced to wait an hour, I sit in another cash game (this time the blinds are 1pound/1 pound). Mostly Warwick players, but also a few middle aged men. I begin to notice that one of the guys is muttering under his breath and is getting pissed off with me, so obviously I try to get him on tilt. I make it 4 blind UTG, and he looks at me, blood boiling in his veins and face turning a dark crimson, and says, menacingly ‘10, BLIND’. Ooooooh. Looks like this chap has come to play. I call and he shoves the flop. I fold and he shows 26. Nh sirrr.

Another classic:

Me: ‘Raise’

Old Boy: ‘Is that the only f***ing word in your vocabulary?’

Me: “I say pot sometimes too”

Anyway, was getting some good banter going before he bluffed his whole stack off to Flash with ten high. As the cash game is finishing up, Jambon wanders over. Jambon lost TT v 55 all in pre (even hitting a ten), AK v AJ all in pre, and then Ax vs Tc6c on an Ac xx board (i think). Sounds very sick. Mark has a similar experience when his A2 lost to QJ on an A52 board. Jambon finishes 7th and Mark 5th. I quit the cash game 250 quid up, so a good night, all in all.

Bit of banter as we are leaving the casino: the security guard starts teaching me a few Martial Arts moves. His name was Theo, and here is a pic:


More banter on the way back as Flash gets pulled over by the police for speeding. He had drunk 7 Stellas and Scotch on the Rocks earlier at the casino. Luckily, the ole penny in the mouth trick worked a treat, and the breathalyser came back negative.


The next evening, watched a bit of Hustle and The Apprentice with Flash and Lauren. I don’t think Naomi deserved to go, but Simon is pretty funny, and is good at break-dancing, so fair dues. No doubt Naomi will go on and have a starring role in the Porn industry.

A quick note that a ‘How well do you know Tommo’ quiz will appear on my Facebook profile soon. 20 multiple choice questions, and if anyone gets the lot right, I’ll give them a pat on the back. Ok, got an exam in half an hour, so I better dash.

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