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June 14, 2006

pwning Bax

Decided to play a $100 multi after my moderate success last night (came 5th in $5R for $1.2k). After an hour in, who should I find on my table, but JohnnyBax. For those of you who don't know (like the Warwick fish), Bax is considered the best online poker player. Well, he decided to raise my big blind. I wasn't having any of that, so this is what I did. Luckily, he folded:

pwning Bax

June 12, 2006

Deal or no Deal

I recieved a phone call earlier today from a lay who told me that I have been chosen to appear on Deal or no Deal! Am feeling so excited. Apparently I will first appear on the show sometime towards the end of July, early August. Can't wait! Of course, I have no idea in which show I will actually be selected to play, but it should be a great few weeks (lots of pissups!)

One thing I can promise is that I won't pussy the big desicions. Playing a lot of poker means that I understand the implied odds / expected value involved in deciding when to deal, and so if the banker offers me derisory sums, which he often does to other contestants, I will say no. I am willing to gamble all the way to the end! Can't wait.

June 11, 2006


Online PokerI have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.Registration code: 7856019


After over–exerting ourselves with a few hours of revision yesterday Flash and I headed over to Xanana's. Seeking a nutritious meal we were badly let down, there was no Pimms for a start, this was obviously an initial concern.

My prawn cocktail was warm, remarkably food poisoning has yet to set in…fingers crossed it may prevent me from taking my exam tomorrow. The bread roll were served without butter, however most shockingly of all my gammon was served without pineapple. Standards!

Obviously we know the food is over–priced and pretty poor, but there was no alternative…For anyone seeking a bout of food poisoning to avoid exams, I'd recommend Xanana's, try a double helping of prawn cocktail.

June 06, 2006


What a ridiculous concept. I love the cut–throat nature of the freemarket economy and have really come to resent the lily–livered liberals which Warwick is saturated by. It is only right that we abuse inferior countries. I dont mind a 5 year old not receiving an eduation if it means me getting my juice 10 pence cheaper.

While we are on the subject of food, I am disgusted with the prices charged by Rootes Restaruant. How dare they call it a restaurant when it operates a self service system. With the prices being charged, there should be a waitress service. From now on, I will be eating all my meals at the Leamingon Bar and Grill.

June 04, 2006

More poker success: when will it end?

PokerStars Tournament Leaders
Rizen, this week's winner, plays Team PokerStars' Tom McEvoy in a $4,000 heads–up match on Sunday, June 4 at 2pm ET.

Weekly rankings: May 21, 2006 to May 27, 2006
Place Player Country State Points
1 Rizen US KS 2,543.39
2 Tmay420 US CA 2,331.26
3 tnetter US FL 2,174.44
4 MaTTy MacK US NY 2,146.95
5 ElkY FR 2,038.50
6 adelos CA QC 1,924.03
7 HiimRLx US NJ 1,894.39
8 FunkiMunki US MA 1,886.83
9 BeL0WaB0Ve US IL 1,844.51
10 charliehalf CA NF 1,815.63
11 CTsSkillet US NC 1,796.02
12 kidpoker406 US MT 1,795.48
13 BouchPredzzz CA QC 1,784.26
14 karecon US NY 1,754.82
15 gardner52 US TX 1,733.61
16 He H8te Mee US PA 1,717.53
17 seaanchor US CO 1,696.08
18 SJCX US TX 1,691.90
19 nsd4eva US RI 1,654.78
20 spyhard US CA 1,649.35
21 NemoStars22 US MA 1,597.33
22 kingofkings US MI 1,535.70
23 420nutznbolz US CA 1,519.81
24 thefuture021 US MI 1,491.15
25 BodogAri US NY 1,491.09
26 Rabscuttle US VA 1,490.67
27 aakkari BR 1,472.54
28 ThaGreatOne1 CA ON 1,461.40
29 ajfennewald US MO 1,457.14
30 Stoyamajello US OH 1,452.78
31 3.l4l592635 US OH 1,444.81
32 maryhadalamb GB 1,434.41
33 chaos_qc CA QC 1,430.80
34 cowboy1776 US CA 1,429.51
35 toddosu US CA 1,395.65
36 PhantomRay US CO 1,390.92
37 cdbr3799 US SC 1,388.54
38 roaminglion US GA 1,379.48
39 Lyonzy IE 1,378.51
40 gjmits10 US NY 1,366.38
41 lawsoncb US TX 1,366.13
42 H–Dunk CA QC 1,357.14
43 sixbulls180 US LA 1,351.93
44 SilkysNuts AU 1,343.47
45 sheets US NY 1,337.74
46 Will221 CA QC 1,334.85
47 WildBillNC US NC 1,327.41
48 derek8 CA QC 1,321.16
49 JazzyJT92 US KS 1,320.15
50 bigdevil US PA 1,316.55

June 03, 2006


Once again I was on the end of a ropey LBW decision. At least I batted for 18 overs, didn't score many runs, but took the piss out of the opening bowlers, tilted them something chronic. It was a hot day and I could see how those boys were enjoying their long runs up so much I decided it would be fun to interrupt them mid flow…Unfortunately I had a fly in my eye. Shame!

Well I didn't succeed, but if you can ruin some part of someone else's day, you know you've done your job!!

If at first you don't succeed, rely on Scandanavians to do well..

Anina, a friend of mine, who Flash and I met in Copenhagen played the $150 freeze on stars last night. I went out with AQ to JJ, I was happy to reraise allin, as I was trying to represent a squeezeplay, as button had already called the raise. However, the original raiser called me with JJ and it was off to the races. I don't mind how I played the hand here, I didn't really want to play against an aggressive opponent with AQ oop, and the latter fold by the flatcaller vindicated my move further. People often say "look for better spots", however, at present in these tourney stakes, I do not feel that I can sit around waiting for hands.

Anyway, as Anina and I had a 50/50 my involvement was not over. She asked my advice on one hand where there there was a player allin and an active sidepot, she held QJ on a Q high board, and when matey boy moved in she asked for advice. Being keen to assert my bravey, I obviously advised that she fold. Unfortunately the other chap held TT..OOPS..It was comforting when she told me "I don't know why I asked you anyway, I knew I should have called", it's moments like this when I take great pride in my decision making.

Progressing further without being hampered by my advice Anina reached the final table. Just as I was settling down under my duvet the unthinkable happened, she disconnected. I was impressed that Pokerstars gave her 4 minutes to reconnect, however, to no avail. Fortunately I found her phone number in an old email and gave her a call.

So I played the final table for her, I must say it was great fun playing under the guise of a Scandanavian Girl, I think I shall change Mary's location. We were the shortstack after a few rounds of folding..However, the Scandanavian influence was strong..before we got too short I moved in with 8To, and upon being called was rather concerned. However, our opponent held AK and was drawing dead on the turn when 8T fulfilled it's often unrealised potential.

Now we had a few chips to play with, however, unfortunately there was an excellent player with a large stack to our left, this chap wanted to dance; but we didn't fancy having our toes broken by his clod hoppers. Before long, after having pf raises snapped off it was back into allin mode.

We ended up coming 5th for $3.8k, a tidy sum, who know's what could have been if our final frenzied K7 push had stood up against AT…Top prize was 17k, which was collected by the disco diva on our left who spoilt our party.

Anina did really well to make final, and I think I played it fine, I certainly didn't disgrace her Scandanavian reputation and made a few dollars to boot.

Looks like it's going to be a nice day, which is good as I've got a cricket match this afternoon. The past two games I've been the subject of some horrific LBW decisions…BAD BEAT..46 overs in the field followed by one bad decision…Day over

June 02, 2006

The Return

Was eating out in Leamington Bar and Grill for a spot of lunch (this has now become a regular occurence due to my recent string of MTT flukes), when who should we see sitting in the cheap seats but Jimmy (Mr Carr for all those not on first name terms with him).

Taking pity on him, we offered him a glass of decent red and began to tell him why he is funny, but, then again, he should be, as he is a comedian– I think he took this in the post–modern ironic sense in which it was inteneded. He excels in his field, yet James, Flash and I excel in our chosen fields to..ant breeding, sleeping on sofas, and knowing ALL the words to Candy shop.

Anyway I haven't blogged in a month, I'm still alive. I've sat my French politics exam and signed it off as the work of shaniac, that man truly is an artist. Had some decent MTT scores, but I don't think the level of achievement I have reached this month is sustainable.

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