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May 25, 2007

One Down

Had an exam yestersay, which went better than expected, I have been told that I will be awarded extra marks for the way I conducted myself…I.e I went for 3 hours without a drink and managed to control my bladder for this time also, early indications show that this puts me in an elite 10% of students. Upon returning home I relaxed as much as possible when you are playing pots like this…(looks like poker hand site has closed, will look into it..)

May 22, 2007

Video release

For anyone fancying a break from revision or insomniacs who want something to bore them to sleep I’d recommend listening to my drivel in these series of videos. Includes whole MTT bar final table, this part is currently stranded on Tom’s laptop. The video is hosted by daily motion, hope you can make out the hole cards, you will need to register an account to view the first one, as it has been registered explicit; it’s pretty easy though.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

May 19, 2007

Richard and Judy

Such was the rage building inside me during my last entry I forgot to include this link kindly sent to me by Jamie…


Library– NSFW

Does anyone know why International students seem to think that the stairwell of the library is a great place for a conversation? Could they not be a little more considerate and talk in the library itself, granted this may be disturbing for those concentrating on browsing facebook and simultaneously conducting 5 msn convo’s. However, it would allow me to escsape for a much needed break without having to weave through hoards of people whilst being disorientated by their gabbling. Lately I have taken to studying in the carells and have decided that thiis the best way of avoiding having people actually recognise you in the library and presuming that you are some kind of geek. I have also been introduced to the concept of competitve revising by a friend, I shall be blogging on theis bag of tricks in the near future.

May 18, 2007


Forum master


May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Jambon

Not much to report, is Jamie’s 21st today so will be heading into Coventy shortly to enjoy some celebrations STA styleeee. Those boys certainly like to party, but perhaps lack the tolerance that Lucky 77 display. Hopefully, Jamie will make it out tonight-although I anticipate the drinking card game pioneered by STA may get rioutous.

Not played a great deal of cards recently, but did go along to a Tag Team tournament at soc on Monday partnered by James. Was good fun and a very good structure, even though according to one disgruntled punter “The new exec are’nt as lovely as Dave Lu”.

Made a facebook post on the Oxford Cup page, hopefully should be better than last year. well quite frankly it can’t be much worse!

Highlight of the week so far has to be turfing some slackers out of their carrel, ably aided by a couple of fearsome bailiffs in the form of library receptionists.

That’s all for now, no doubt will post a few updates in coming days..Also be sure to check out Kader’s post on 6 max strategy which is stickied (what isn’t nowadays) on

May 13, 2007



May 12, 2007


Pwn aba harder

The power in flight

The Power in flight

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