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April 29, 2006

Saturday poker

Just won $1.3k in the $100 PL FO on Stars. Cracked KK with 33, QQ with 77, QQ with J9 and KJ with KT. Apart from that, played pretty well.

Using some of my winnings to play a bit more. $50 STT, $11 rebuy, $13 double shootout, $10 deepstack and a $10 Omaha tourney. Will play the Million Dollar Guaranteed soon too.

At least I've made back some of the money I lost betting on the snooker.

April 27, 2006

Johnny 2 Jags now Johnny 2 Slags

Word up for the Super Prezza. He is truly a model British citizen. Heavy drinking, fighting and probably a few STDs to boot. At least he has his health.

Here is a tribute to 2Slags.

I look forward to seeing Prezza's secretary in next years FHM Top 100.

FHM Top 100 List

The FHM Top 100 List has also come out. Good to see Keira at the top, fending off bimbo yanks. I still remember meeting her at ChinaWhite last Christmas, and showing her my magic tricks. Maybe I'll give her a call in a couple of days, to catch up on old times

Oxford Cup: The Preview

Looking forward to heading to Oxford this weekend. Will be a good chance to listen to the lyrical genius of Candyshop. Am feeling very confident, although there are a few players from Warwick I will be keeping my eye on. Jambon is one of those, and I also feel Alex Liang is a bit of a wildcard (he is due a result soon, he hasn't had one for donkeys years). The softly spoken Mitesh is another one to watch.

The sad news is that Devilfish has let the whole of the UK Poker Scene down by his decision to dishonour his previous commitment and visit strip clubs in Vegas. Bloody Northeners! Oh well, I suppose at least he is not beating his wife.

April 26, 2006

Dave Lu's equipment

Celebrating Mr eLUsive's birthday on Monday certainly was a wonderful insight into the most personal details of our esteemed President. His position of authority and dominance as he stands erect amongst his fellow member of poker soc is clearly justified…

David was clearly aiming to impress his IT coursemates…They seemed flabbergasted over his claims of packing nine inches of pure power…I didn't realise they made keyboards that large…

April 22, 2006

Birthday Bash

Many Thanks to all who attended… Thought me home boy Mark landlord of the Jug did a splendid job…Many deserve a mention…JD for his mammouth drinking efforts, Flash for attending despite his exam the next day, Maxine the Ice Princess, was good to see Rick was dancing well,-the graze on my elbow has almost gone…

Charlotte (facebook whore) found a few more people to poke, Andy Fong looking smooth with his designer fags…And Jambon was a vision in white…When I win the $25k on bodog I'll be getting a jacket like that one too, may accessorise it with some of my own artwork though.

However Stephane deserves a special mention..The gloves he were sporting were truly magnificent. I hope he realises exactly what he has to live up to…

Also Dave Lu and Lauren…They arrived on time. No mean feat for Mr eLUsive himself. Sadly Parsy was unable to attend on account of some poker losses. He won the 15k on VC last night though, so kiss his teeth!

April 20, 2006

The current state of the Library

Something rather shocking happened to me in the library today. Whilst looking over Marx's 'Capital', I felt a bit peckish, so I reached into my bag and pulled out a banana. No sooner had it left the bag, it was snatched out of me hand. I glanced over to see the culprit, a student in a very garish shirt with the words 'Library Monitor' emblazoned on the front. I hear hard up students (when their student loans have run out) come to the library looking for free food. Perhaps they could employ Coventry refugees as well. When i have a Library session, I don't do it by halves (usually a 12 hour marathon), and so I always bring some food with me. I do, however, understand that some students' needs are greater than mine, and so next time I go the library I will be bringing three hampers with me.

In this vain, with regards to the Unattended Drinks Policy, perhaps alcoholic degenarates and tramps from the local area could be employed to swipe unattended drinks at union events. Working with you to make our union safer.

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