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March 07, 2006

Reflections on WaSOP

Well forgive me, it has been too long since my last confession…

The past few days have been a bit of a blur…mainly alcohol induced. Anyway I'll run through the main occurences for those interested.


After having only had 6 hours sleep in the previous 72, my nap was interruped by Alan Pars (Parsy). He informed me that he was in the bar and had started boozing. I promised to join him and promptly fell back to sleep.

However, by 9pm I had made it onto campus met Parsy at the bar, from there we progressed to the beer festival and met with Rick, Matt and friends..Parsy recommened an ale that was pretty good, however, before long he was whinging and clearly missing the lager filth he normally consumes.

We then moved onto the Union and saw a band called Breakestron.To be honest Parsy and I were not really convinced that this was such an effective use of our time as drinking. But before long Alan milkshake seemed to bringing the boys to the yard. Rick was perfectly at home wearing his hat, whilst Manny was content pouring beer over some guy and his girlfriend.

We caught a rather large pink taxi back to Sydenham and watched "Beat the bailiff"-A classic programme. Parsy slep soundly in Dave Lu's bed dreaming of his friend in the haberdashery who he knew he was sure to be seeing soon.

March 01, 2006

The Boar

I always look forward to reading The Boar (especially the columnists). However, I have noticed this term that the distrubution is getting very sloppy. This weeks issue hasn't even appeared! I find this very disappointing. What is the problem? Sort it out!

Souces close to The Boar have commented that this could be due to an ongoing feud between the editor and deputy editor. One witness commented "They were in Viallis shaing a kebab after a hedonistic, drug fuelled binge at evolve, when they came to blows over who was entitled to the extra tomato sauce sachet".

Battered are said to be keeping a close eye on the situation as they are understandably concerned about what next weeks fish and chips will be wrapped in.

Other sources believe that the problem has been caused by the satire team- apparently they felt that it would be inappropriate to churn out the same article for the third weekon the trot.

Who Knows?

Pinch, punch…

…first of the month.

And no returns!

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