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February 28, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

I can't see what all the fuss is about. A lot of people I know think that this book is the bees knees, when actually its a pile of trash. The story is confusing, the dialogue is clumsy, and the idea that Jesus married Mary Marmalade is absurd.

The underlying truth is that poker is the word, and the word is poker.

£5 rebuy tournament

After Flash had given me a good thrashing at chess in the Graduate, it was along to Social studies. The King of landora poker himself was sat on my original table, and witnessed medouble up holding A8 and getting all my chips in on the turn with 2pr to crush my opponents AK.

After a nippy venture to CostCutterwith Mr James O'maha-the nicest man in Warwick Poker it was back to the grindstone. I massaged my stack up to aound 20k before making what I consider a very dubious play. Overbetting utg holding TT, when Chris Burton pushed from the blinds, I was less than happy. My original overbet meant I was essentially almost comitted to a call- at least mentally I was. Sure enough Chris flipped overrockets.

Down to about 6k with blinds at 400–800 I moved allin for the next 3 hands. I then cracked KK with 33, and to add insult to injury then cracked William's A7, holding 35, when the A24 flop gave me the wheel, it was clear I was destined to be my night.

I then made a steal attempt against Alex Straight who had raised it up in ep holding 99. It was time for me to find out where I was with the monster that is Q5, Alex confirmed exactly where I wa after deliberating for a few minutes. However, the Queen on the river meant rather than being up 'shit creak' I was coasting along on the QE2.

Played aggressively around the bubble and before you could say "35 flopped the wheel" it was time for the final table. There were some definite players there in the shape of Pav, Dhruv, SnakeKing, Alex Liang, and Brutal Stack. However, despite the strength of the enemy, my army of chips meant I was in with a great chance of a top 2 finish.

As players dropped out it was left to me and "the kid" for a showdown at what Lukin was worried was midnight. The Kid was not quick on the trigger, instead he kindly handed me the rope to hang myself, bluffing off my chips with merely King high.

A good night all in all, I won a seat in WASOP and £75 to boot. It was just a shame I was out of earshot of Richard Mylles as I was unable to benefit from his words of wisdom on cash game strategy. Oh well, you can't have all the luck!

February 27, 2006

Poker Marathon

Played a long sesion on Pokerstars yesterday. Was pretty pleased with how patiently I played especially in the $30 deepstack. After missing a lot of draws early on and not getting above the starting stack of 5000 for a coupleof hours I battled hard and never gave up.

In the $10 deepstack I played for 5 hours for a profit of just $5..However, you can't knock a final table cash and so intend to persevere with these events.

Flash played the Monte Carlo sat and made a terrific call pre-flop holding JJ and was not phased by his tournament life being on the line. Unfortunately he didn't win a seat and played an interesting pot holding A8 on an AK8 board. Unforunately his opponent held a set of Kings.

Big week coming up work wise with a couple of essays to crack on with. Have the WASOP and going home to look forward to..I'm intending on going in fancy dress..

February 25, 2006


What would you have on your headstone?
That's a bit morbid..

What's your dream car?
Aston Martin

Is pornography morally wrong?
Only if it doesn't involve farmyard animals

Write the opening line of a wonderful novel
Once upon a time there was an obnoxious little chav in a burberry baseball cap and the big blue policeman locked him up in a cell..

What's the best music video ever?
Anything involving big black men in flashy gold jewelley grabbing their crotches and dissin' their hoes..

If you had a big win in the lottery, how long would you wait to tell people?
Until they had bought their round…

Do you carry a donor card? Why/Why not?
My Stanley's Casino membership card..Gives me an enormous sense of wellbeing..

Where would you like to retire?
An old people's Home in Sweden

What is something you wish you were better at doing?
Answering mundane questions seriously

What colour do you prefer your pens to write?
If they write that's good enough

Are babies cute?
Are all Russians mobsters?

Do you subscribe to a magazine? If so, what?

What's your favourite shape?
Anything I throw on the dancefloor..

What's the last thing you used a microwave for?
Warming my cat after she fell in the bath

What book are you reading?
The Great Gatsby

Do you like rollercoasters?
One time..

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?
Who knows..When did the chicken omelette become an option?

Cite a song lyric that means something to you
I'll take you to the candy shop, Let you lick the lollipop.

What comic book or cartoon character would you be?
Roger the dodger

What's the oldest thing you own?
Penny Black

What's your favourite word?

What words do you hate?
Any used by obnoxious poker players..

Name something you used to like but no longer do.
This questionnaire

To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
My alarming sense of motivation

Who would you have liked to have been?
BillyThe Kid

What historical figure(s) do you most despise?
Gandhi…Trouble maker at heart

What natural gift would you most like to possess?

Do you keep friends once you've made them?
Yeah, generally. Got a few I had to hack up and keep in the deep freeze when they wanted to leave the dungeon.

How would you like to die?
Slowly and painfully…

Why do you blog?
To mix it up

Name one site you'd recommend to others.

What's the strangest thing you've brought with you to university?
A pen

What have you lost that you'd most like to retrieve?
My bed

What's your favourite red thing?
The queen of hearts

If you had the power, what laws would you make, change or repeal
Give prisoners day release..Let them appreciate the cultural delights of Coventry..Would make them grateful to be in da slammer

What are some things that make you nervous?
playing T3s under the gun

Name a CD that you own that's a guilty pleasure. Why do you like it?
Eastern European Girls and Donkeys part deux, 'nuff said.

What items of your friends' would you like to have for your own?
Their sofa

What one thing would you like to accomplish with your life?
become Warwick's renegade master

What's your favourite scary movie?

Have you ever been in a school play? Was it good? Were you good?
Black Comedy(Harold)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Rude mechanical)

What's the furthest place you've ever travelled to?
The darkest recesses of my freezer..

What's your favourite cartoon? Why?
Private Eye..Nothing is saced.

What mesmerises you?
A hypnotist

Name something about yourself that people don't expect.
My frozen foods selection

What's your favourite place on campus?
Rootes restaurant

If you won £5m, how would you spend it?

What's your favourite time of day? Why?
4am Graveyard bonus on ladbrokes and best burgling hour.

Describe what you consider to be the most amazing view in the world.
Coventry in a blaze of nuclear radioactivity.

What is your favourite art-work on campus?
All pretentious post-modern crap

Which society would you make every other student join?

What's the best place to live? Leamington, Kenilworth, Coventry or campus?
Coventry, I heard the smack's top class

List your top ten revision tips.
Get your head down
Pull your socks up
Get stuck in
Roll your sleeves up
Put your thinking cap on
You only get out what you put in


Four jobs I've had in my life
Leaf blower
bar boy (was only 14 but that's ok in Devon)
pool hustler
Pro Hangmanplayer

Four films I can watch over and over
The Usual Suspects
Pulp Fiction

Four TV shows I love to watch
Deal or no deal
Have I got news for you

Four places I have lived
Leamington Spa
Flash's Sofa

Four places I have been on holiday

Four of my favourite dishes
Royal Doulton
Royal Worcester
Clarice Cliff

Four websites I visit daily

Four places I would rather be right now
Flash's Sofa
Drinking,Smoking, straight west coastin'

Four people I want to shag
Boris Johnson
Carol Vorderman
Mad Yank
Isabelle Mercier

February 24, 2006

Having a few problems

Had a few problems today….

Got into a fight at The Jug and Jester with the barman, because he overcharged me, and was about to deck him when a mate of mine pulled me away.

Then I got into another fight at Vialli's when they forgot my chips.

Leamington is really going downhill.

February 23, 2006


A: The most Audacious thing you've ever done
raising with 85o and betting the flop

B: Favourite Badger joke?
You're not allowed to shoot them..Ha Ha Ha

C: Favourite curry?
Foreign muck, don't touch it with a barge pole.

D: Number of drinks to get utterly drunk?
5 or 6 pints followed by 5 or 6 large G&Ts.

E: Your most Effeminate characteristic?
Longish hair

F: The last thing you got for Free?
Extra slice of bacon at Rootes breakfast.

G: Number of times you've visited a Gym?

H: Where you call home?

I: Any instruments that you play?
Used to play guitar.

J: Favourite juice?
vodka or petrol.

K: Song that you would most like to do Karaoke to?
Karaoke is the spawn of the devil.

L: Number of times you've laminated?

M: How much money do you think you'd need to be happy?
One WPT final table

N: Favourite Naan to have with aforementioned curry?
Don't push me…

O: Your oldest possession?
Penny black

P: Your worst phobia?
drowning in curry

Q: Something that makes you feel queasy?
The thought of eating curry…

R: Recent New Years' Resolutions made? How many still going?

To be tolerant..Obviously people who eat curry aren't worthy of this…

S: Favourite season?
Winter-less fat balding old men wandering around in shorts…

T: Number of cups of Tea consumed per day?
7–8 at home as my Mum obliges…

U: The most Useful lessons you've learned?
sounds academic….

V: Number of Valentines cards received (either in your life or last year, depending on how popular you are!)?
Sent one to Mad Yank, still waiting for a reply….

W: A film that can make you weep?
Particularly graphic film.."How I peeled an onion"

X: Have you ever died your hair to become Xanthocomic (blonde)?
Of Course, my golden locks are extensively couiffered

Y: Your youngest memory?

Z: Favourite animal to see in a zoo?

The black hole that is Star City

With ten fellow slackers last night I visited the Star City casino complex to compete in the £10 rebuy competition.

The whole place looked like a circus, and I was particularly perturbed by the lavatories being named "restrooms". However, I am sorry to say that this shocking inditement on the establishment was perhaps only a minor irritation in comparison with the other horrors that awaited.

The dealers' incompetence was a disgrace, they clearly shouldn't have ever been employed, couldn't they do something more useful, like claim "Jobseekers Allowance"? The speed of their dealing was incredibly frustrating and splitting the pot and calculating sidepots clearly regarded as a massive inconvenience.

The structure of the tournament was incredibly fast which enabled me to adopt a hyper-aggressive style in order to build my stack by blind-stealing. I became incredibly frustrated with our dealer; incidentally I have played snap with 5yr olds who are more articulate and better card handlers than the travesty that was our dealer.

Clearly not being one to suffer in silence it became apparent that our charming dealer was aware of my displeasure. Obviously rather than treat the cause of the problem i.e terrible dealers, I was apparently threatened with being asked to leave the tournament, although this was never mentioned to my face.

Being a polite lad at heart I managed to add a scrap of sincerity to an apology. Upon the final table I felt I was the most accomplished player and was feeling very confident of my ability to take many pots down to China Town preflop. Buoyed by a glass of decent red wine I became a raising machine who one of my opponents described as "one aggressive bastard".

One particularly amusing hand occured when I held 85o..With 2 limpers and blinds at 2k 4k and a couple of limpers a 15k raise from the Small blind seemed the order of the day. One player, the ep limper called, and uponn hitting a 5 (mid pair) I put the chap allin, he called off his chips with AJ and my hand stood up. The old guard at the table were visibly shocked, and I felt that no-one fancied getting involved with me, as I had a tonne of chips and was capable of running anyone over…

Unfortunately a pre-flop raise met with some resistance from this chap, Ronnie, I had AJ and made a pot sized continuation bet on the flop, and he moved right over the top. I had to lay down.

I now started raising like a man possesed as my stack was around 40k and blinds at 3k-6k. One memorable moment was moving in with T3s utg only for my opponent to fold 77 face up, claiming he didn't fancy gambling against 2 overcards. Other raising hands included 84,26,27,2T etc….

So I stole my way back up to 100k with four players left. Unfortunately I made a move that clearly led to murder on the dance floor when my pre flop allin with K3 failed to convince 'The Kid' and 'Frenchy' that their 99 and AK were inferior…

Out in 4th for a somewhat dissapointing £340. I felt I played incredibly well, and received compliments from several players. Whilst I could have tempered my aggressive style after having resusitating my stack, the blinds were still high, and I was playing to win.

Returned to leamington, and was in bed under poker stars table cloths by 6am…

February 22, 2006


Travelling back from campus on a Travel West Midlands bus, I was delighted to find that the driver was willing to accept my £1.50 instead of the normal £1.40. It must have been a huge inconvenience to him.
I was extremely grateful that I was able to use this service to return to Leamington. The detour through Kenilworth had a truly serendipidous quality. Upon alighting the bus, I was sure to thank the driver and assured him that the extra 10p was money well spent.

February 21, 2006

Chess match

Just arrived home (or rather, where I am currently staying) having played my weekly chess match for the Warwick C Team. I always enjoy these matches; a chance to battle with my mind over an even playing surface. I actually did quite a lot of studying over the Christmas holidays in an effort to fine tune my game.

Today's game started off fine. I decided, on this occasion, to employ the Paulsen Attack to the Najdorf Variation of the Sicilian opening. After about ten moves, I had my pieces actively placed and was creating some pressure on the dark squares. However, here my opponent found a neat little combination. Soon he had managed to queen a pawn (despite my best efforts to persuade him to promote the pawn to a knight instead), and I resigned thirty-two moves later.

My record currently stands at 9 losses and 1 draw, the draw being against a 93 year old blind man.

Sleeping arrangements

If anyone is interested, I have spent the last week sleeping on the sofa, and not even in my own house. This is thanks to my housemate buggering off to LA and taking my key with him.

Thanks Dave.


Being the kind of guy who always tries to makes a bit of cash without having to do too much work, I have instigated a couple of challenges which should see my wallet bulge for the next couple of weeks.

The first is the boiled egg challenge. If anyone thinks they can eat 5 hard boiled eggs in under 40 secs, I'll give them £40.

The seond is the downing pints challenge. I bet that I can drink3 pints of purple in a head to head contest before my opponent can down 3 shots of a double of their choice. All I ask is to be able to finish my fisrt pint before they start (obv. the glass I stat drinking from can not be changed)! Also touching any of the opponents glasses leads to an automatic disqaulification. As does vomiting!

These challenges are only open to members of Poker Society

First entry

I have decided to keep a blog, just for a bit of fun, and also to talk about a bit of poker.

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