July 08, 2006

Return to ladbrokes

Been really busy and had very little time for cards, however, decided to deposit make a deposit on ladbrokes last night in order to take advantage of their $5k added tourny. Ironically enough I actually failed to enter this tournament.

I entered a $10 rebuy which only attracted 88 runners and a rather small prizepool. The style of play in ladbrokes rebuys is vastly different to pokerstars. I think each person averaged about one rebuy. Anyway I encountered very little resistance, which incited even looser behavipour than normal. Not many interesting hands really, I went on to win for $577. I guess i had 4–5 rebuys, which was probably enough for some of the players to warrant telling their friends of the next day, such was the tight nature of the game. Even on final table when I was forced to showdown 83o after putting in an early position raise and making an 8 high fllush which was good no one played back at me!

Was also playing the $50 second chance, which allowed 1 rebuy or topup, a field of 105 players turned out for this one. Once again I was running well and was fortunate enough to pick up AA on final whilst already chips leader and knock out 2 opponents holding KK and AK. The next hand my TT flipped me happy and sent another AK wielding Scandanavian to the rail. Three handed lasted 15 mins, but the heads up despite a 31/2 to 1 chip lead lasted 25 minutes. Really enjoyed this, he seemed like a good player, and I was glad I avoided the mistake of unnecessarily doubling him up. There were signs of a little comeback though when my 66 was mashed by his AK. However, Mary prevailed and brought a $2.2k first prize back home to Devon.

Of course, in true Mary style I then sat for $500 at 10–20 NL, mainly as I thought it was worth $500 to chat to PokerGirl1 until I bust. However, after flopping a straight draw and ending up allin on the river, with the same draw, and then flopping a sneaky set, another $1k was added to the lamb's coffers. Also, discovered this vaulted me to the top of the weekly tournament leaderboard as it starts at midnight on Thursday.

Have to work this afternoon steward at the outdoor theatre where a band are playing. May treat myself to a few pints afterwards. Have also been looking into the possibility of taking up golf, I feel that making wagers on the game should help to increase my financial variance. However, I am wary of the potential pitfalls of sports betting, many a great player has risked his roll foolishly, and not even earnt any FPPs.

I'm becoming increasingly concerned that Flash doesn't appreciate the importance of these FPPs, he was muttering something ridiculous about profit the other day, before I reminded him of the priority of amassing enough fpps to buy 27 fluffy toys with.

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  1. Porno

    I think it's an abomination that this Tommosapien plays the way he does? I mean it's enough to make a man lay AQ in a Tourney when he pushes (with Q3s apparently!!!) as you know he's capable of out–drawing you with something as small as 83o – the devil! (In fact this was his blatant and automatic response when harassed about playing the hand so hard: ‘I’d of out drawn you!’ with a sneaky grim full of calm confidence in the much well–founded belief that it would occur – the reprobate!)

    Personally I think that Poker organizations should simply send fluffy toys to his address, bi–weekly, if it is his only incentive to play!!!! Why he assumes that PokerGirl1 is in fact a gal is beyond me given the fact that he plays with a female pseudo–name! Such an act has two direct outcomes either this girl thinks it’s weird that another female player is being so forward or (which is in fact the true outcome) two guys using a respectable Poker room to chat one another up in a ‘lesbo’–fashion which should be left for the Cyber world!

    So come–on Stars, do us favour, send your cuddlies to Tommosapien and save us tourney–hopefuls the mistreatment of his play!

    10 Jul 2006, 00:24

  2. Lauren

    Maybe you should consider making a wager with Dave on a round of golf, I hear that his game has gone downhill recently

    10 Jul 2006, 00:26

  3. Of course I realise the value of FPPs!! If there is one thing relating to poker which I feel you have taught me above all other, it is to never stop striving until the maximum FPP potential has been achieved. For this, I am extremely grateful. Now to use the FPPs to play 8 qualifying rounds for the EPT! Bring it on

    11 Jul 2006, 01:53

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