June 14, 2006

pwning Bax

Decided to play a $100 multi after my moderate success last night (came 5th in $5R for $1.2k). After an hour in, who should I find on my table, but JohnnyBax. For those of you who don't know (like the Warwick fish), Bax is considered the best online poker player. Well, he decided to raise my big blind. I wasn't having any of that, so this is what I did. Luckily, he folded:

pwning Bax

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  1. But… but… 72 suited is the Imposter
    Surely you can't win! :p

    14 Jun 2006, 21:57

  2. warwick fish

    great, you make a play against a well known online pro with 72 as if making it against him is any more special than ur normal 100 player. u r such a fish the online pros love u

    14 Jun 2006, 23:08

  3. ty, but at the end of the day i am willing to spend to $100 to get this screenshot

    15 Jun 2006, 01:47

  4. warwick fish

    u will never b a big player if u keep sucking the big players cocks

    15 Jun 2006, 02:25

  5. Think you've got the wrong end of the stick again old bean..I abused bax for most of the session, and converted all the Railbirds to my growing fanclub. It's the other way around if anything..as you can see by checking sheets profile…everyone wants some Mary it appears.


    15 Jun 2006, 13:21

  6. warwick fish

    u r so broke u cant afford a rebuy in $100

    17 Jun 2006, 12:59

  7. bilbo


    Funny move. Ultimately fucking stupid, but funny none-the-less.

    Too much money, not enough brains.

    31 Aug 2006, 20:27

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