September 22, 2006

low stakes poker

Following the copious quantities of cocaine Dave Lu made me snort in the states (luckily we had diplomatic immunity), I thought it would be a good idea to play some small stakes poker.

Quicker than Kate Moss can hoover a line I’d dipped my toe in at the shallow end to swim with veritable pirhanas in a 25c 50c game. The line up included Dalassenos, tollamus, jambonator, suited flush and herself 76.

Obviously the average pot lingered somewhere around the $25 mark. My personal highlight was when Flash and I minraised each other 50c a time preflop until we had each staked $14 of our il-gotten gains in 50c increments. In fact at this point one of the other players suggested we were bots!??

Anyways am running pretty good in these games, although I’m embarrassed to say my stats are not as laggy as Jambon’s, I have him at 68/43 after 225 hands. I feel like such a nit now.

Anyways got to shoot Dave’s bringing around some Columbian tonight and I better get some kip, that boy’s nostrils know no limits.

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  1. Hamid Sirhan

    You don’t want to be playing like that… the odds aren’t greatly in your favour…. if you’re a clever guy – low-stakes sit & go short-handed tournaments are your best bet.

    22 Sep 2006, 16:42

  2. Daniel O'Rourke

    You’ve got this one wrong mate. Cash is where its at. I’ve made $22,000 in the last three months.

    23 Sep 2006, 01:23

  3. Yeah, cash is pretty sweet if you can play the likes of H@££iINGOL and PokerGirl, however it has been tolamus and herself76 who have damaged my ev the most.

    24 Sep 2006, 23:15

  4. Rob Jagger

    oh no!, i thought that after the last visit to rehab Dave was really quitting for good this time.

    Also high stakes omaha is the only sure way to build a bankroll. preferably played whilst drunk or high.

    27 Sep 2006, 13:05

  5. Nah, I heard that he is building an omaha roll on the 200-400 game on Full Tilt, he will then flip a coin to decide whether to use the $ to check into the priory or spend it on his usual diary of coke, hookers and his penchant for you know what ;)

    27 Sep 2006, 14:55

  6. I gotta fuel my habits somehow…and Homoha cash seems to be the way forward. I regret the strip bar in Niagara…..they were not very pretty women.

    29 Sep 2006, 12:13

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