January 20, 2007

Nights out

After having seen Bewitched at Score on Wednesday, and sampling the delightful tunes A-soc’s Enigma had to offer, Flash and I were inspired to enjoy some Lemington Nightlife with Scott and Rick which culminated in a trip to the bars of North Leam, followed by venturing in to Mirage. When we got back, tea drinking was disrupted by Miss McHattie collapsing comatose on our art deco settee. Attempts to revive her, and bring her back to some state of consciousness, proved fruitless, until we managed to coax her upstairs with a bottle of vodka and under the Winnie the Pooh sheets.

Here is the video, as promised. Please leave comments here, or at warwickpoker.com

Video sent by maryhadalamb


January 17, 2007

Deep in the $8r on Stars

Here is some live footage of me deep in the $8r tonight. There are some interesting hands, even though the stacks are quite shallow. The next video will have sound; sorry there isn’t any in this one. Enjoy!

January 15, 2007

Toby Carvery: Oooooooooohhhhh Yyyyeeeeeesssssssssssss

The highlight of my week: a trip to Toby Carvery to sample some proper, British food. None of this foreign muck. Even though it is all you can eat, no-one in our group dared to try a second helping, prefering instead to pile the food in a pyramid like formation on the plate. Also suggested as a prop bet was downing a ‘bottomless’ jug of custard, but alas, no-one rose to this challenge either.

We returned to Jambon and Kader’s swish pad after to sample the delights of their 9 48-inch plasma TV screens, indoor swimming pool, maid service and helipad, and I also picked up a few tips on how to stop my computer crashing when I am 8-tabling 5c/10c on Stars.

Props to Suzie also, who won a $1 2000 runner tourny on Stars. She was up til 6.30 in the morning, which is good to hear.

Here are some more pics of the crew in action.






January 14, 2007

Poker Action

Have played a lot of poker the last couple of days. Got pretty deep in a $50 Freezeout on stars, but then busted. Didn’t get to sleep until 10.30am on Friday night (Saturday morning), but still managed to get up before Flash, who had gone to bed 4 hours earlier. Was also doing reasonably well in the $50r this evening, but busted too. Ah well. Toby Carvery tomorrow, which should be awesome, followed by Ski Sunday and then all the poker Sunday evening has to offer. Which is a lot. Highlight of the day will be the Online Warwick Tournament at 9pm on Stars. KeyRing here we come!

Here are some photos of the coolest house in Leam, and its inhibitants living the balla lifestyle. Notice the wine glass below!


Poker 2


January 13, 2007


Following the previous frivo;ous video posted, it’s time for some more educational material on the increasingly aggressive nature of terrorism in Sweden. Some scenes are pretty violent.


January 09, 2007

New Year, 'new' he was shipping it crucial!

Day started on a grand note, one fellow in my seminar group cited the reason for his failure to submit an essay as having been busy vomiting all night on account of vomiting ‘cats and dogs’ all night after having sampled Chinese cuisine for the first time. Good to see that some people alongside myself have a superior digestive system which repels the filth.

After arriving home decided to play some cards, making use of Flash’s 2nd monitor to 6 table .50-1 on Ultimate bet. The session progressed nicely, although was interrupted by the howls of delight and yelps of despair from Dickie Beech who was busy learning that the name of the rivercard site is indeed prophetic. He finished the day with a nice profit though, so comedy headware off to him.

My session was graced with a player who was simultaneously playing 10-25NL, playing me heads up in order to fine tune his game. Needless to say I gave him a thorough schooling.

A day in the life of Mary

Also as if this wasn’t exciting enough, imagine Tom and I’s glee at spotting Keith Chegwin (fully clothed) in Viva yesterday.

To finish with, here is Leona Lewis and her wonderful Christmas single ‘Moment in Time’

December 04, 2006

A Christmas Treat..

Well for those of you who have had the misfortune of reading this blog too often, I felt you deserved a reward. Scott and I chuckled over our brew whilst watching this this morning. Incidentally EmpireMaker2 is a big fan of tuff_fish.

lol enjoy.

December 02, 2006


Everyday in Lucky 77 offers ample opportunities enlightenment. I’ve learnt a lot today, having watched ‘Thirteen’ and ‘Requiem for a dream’.

1) Don’t play Russian roulette with your family. Stick to friendly home games with close friends for low stakes, so at least nearly everyone can go home happy.

2) Don’t shoot heroin into a neddle scar, not only might you get gangrene and have to have it amputated, you might miss out on that fuller flavour. Always best to get advice from Dazza the local pusher on the correct way to inject, should really teach it in PSE lessons at school.

3) Ginger people have 30% less hairs than other people. (reference Mongy)

4) According to Green Plastic’s reliable friend, Part and Paradise poker may be privatised and accept US customers again.

Had I not overslept I may have learnt even more from a seminar which I failed to attend.

November 30, 2006


The mutimedia barrage continues…

Good effort, may conjur up a similar effort with playing cards being thrown from place to place.

November 26, 2006

Poker Song

November 09, 2006

Running Good

Took some time of reading about EU politics to play some 1-2 NL on UB. Went really well made $1150 in 600 hands spanning 2 hours whilst I watched the beach. If it wasn’t for that pretentious pratt Di Caprio pissing me off it could have been more. Obviously sick variance, people played badly against me, I played pretty well, I had a good run of cards. If only it were always this easy.

Campus tomorrow, back to the library!

November 06, 2006

Reading Week

Poker has been going pretty well recently. Made a few final tables on UB, including a second place for $969. Also a fifth place for $1400, and won a tounry for $666. Outplayed Rizen in one key pot in the $30R: his JJ didn’t stand up against my AJ. Was quite funny to see him being reraised all the time by everyone at the table.

Have also been completely dominating the cash game scene on UB.

Reading week this week means I will not be playing too much poker at all. Instead, I will be concentrating on understanding European Union Institutions and Analogue Eletronics (not to mention A History of Yoghurt). Looks like I might also be off to Cyprus at the end of the week for a friend’s Russian wedding. I am told the drinking goes on for 2 days: my kind of party!

Midland Masters after that, and everything is looking rosy.

More exciting news: the first Lucky 77 podcast will be released soon, available to download from iTunes. Me, R to the I to the seaside, Flash and Mongy will be talking about all things poker, and also how to make the perfect cup of tea. Parsy might be coming back down next week as a guest on the show, to talk about ‘Table Image and Psychological Warfare’. Will be very informative.

October 25, 2006

This really pisses me off….

I don’t feel I have had a decent rant recently, so I thought I’d write this. Whilst in queueing in Costcutters the other day, I was infuriated by the gentleman in front of me paying for his collection of sundry goods (one banana and clothes-hanger) via debit card. This process went on for more than 4 minutes. Now, I’m not advocating carrying Liberia’s deficit in one’s skyrocket. However, perhaps a Lady Godiva would make shopping a far more efficient process. In the future, please think of me, hankering after my next packet of ciggies whilst everyone else is oblivious.

News on the home front: my bed has collapsed even further. Also, whilst out last night at the Leamington Bar and Grill, some random lady came up to Scott asking him to sign each of her breasts, one with a ‘3’ and one with a ‘5’. Turns out she works for Heat magazine, and Scott will be featured in his very own article in two weeks time. Ooooh yeh.

Came third in a tourney earlier today as well. And I’m feeeeeeeeeeeeling good ;-)


October 21, 2006

Serious Issues

This blog entry is for the random who shouted up at the window” you know who you are!

This blog entry may not be as light hearted as some of the previous ones. I’ve been having a few problems recently: my bed has just fallen apart, which means I will have to sleep on the floor for the next three weeks until the new King Size Waterbed arrives. Also, Rick ordered some dodgy power cables off eBay, which have had the unfortunate effect of knocking out all the power in the house. Candles it is lads! These power cables were of Chinese origin too: they steal money off the stupid white man so they can buy more stir fry noodles and sweet and sour chicken.

One thing which cheered me up slightly was bossing the Deal or No Deal quiz machine down at The Green Man with Flash earlier today. I have also enjoyed watching the Leamington locals and students going about their nightly business out of Scott’s window: they are some truly awful people about.

Following the success of Dru’s blog, I have also decided to email a few poker sites, to see if they will put my blog up, and get a bit of publicity. Am also planning to play a few more live tournaments soon as well, and with the Midlands Masters coming up, expect some detailed blog entries, and some big scores.

Have been playing on Ultimate Bet and Full Tilt recently, as I have rakeback there. Get it for yourselves:

http://www.thisisthenuts.com/form.html?refcode=4219Black Man

October 06, 2006

Return to Leamington

Well, back in Leamington at the 77 residence. Had good fun on Monday at Poker soc, was good to meet a few freshers. Also went to Score on Wednesday. Was looking forward to meeting a certain Jason Donavan, but unfortunately the fire alarm decided to go off. Jason obviously could not risk the threat of flames, or his dreamcoat may have become slightly more colourful than anticipated.

No poker activity at the moment, as my sister has stolen my laptop lead.

Obvioulsy, after the stabbing I reported in my blog a few weeks ago, security has been paramount within our residence. We feel the best way of ensuring our safety is leaving the front door unlocked and wide open, so if the Mongy Mansion is stormed, we can make a hasty retreat. Many thanks to a pissed Mr Grundy for implementing this avant garde approach to house safety.

Will upload a few pictures of the house in the next entry.

September 26, 2006


Took a break from my busy schedule gambling schedule to watch spooks last night. Was a bit of a corker, tension galore. Was good to see a gritty, raw programme, incidentally for those that saw it, I know Dave Lu would not shy away from taking that shot. Anyways, better hope that style does not take precedence over substance, we can’t be having unexpected deaths every episode. There’s a snap below of the latest addition to the cast of Spooks.

Also interestingly shaniac smokes a lot of ganga, apparently made a bet that he could quit for a month, but had to back out after a week! Strassa has just won 400k+ in WCOOP, a nice little bunsen, although obv. he concentrating on graduating in May. Also, Davey lu’s old flame Vicky Coren just won London EPT.

Guns don

September 24, 2006

A.N Other

Not much to report, played last cricket game of season today. Managed to ripp the piss out of their “pro” Aussie for being a convict and a cheat, so not a bad day really.

Looking forward to hitting leam and getting on the piss with mongy mob.

September 22, 2006

low stakes poker

Following the copious quantities of cocaine Dave Lu made me snort in the states (luckily we had diplomatic immunity), I thought it would be a good idea to play some small stakes poker.

Quicker than Kate Moss can hoover a line I’d dipped my toe in at the shallow end to swim with veritable pirhanas in a 25c 50c game. The line up included Dalassenos, tollamus, jambonator, suited flush and herself 76.

Obviously the average pot lingered somewhere around the $25 mark. My personal highlight was when Flash and I minraised each other 50c a time preflop until we had each staked $14 of our il-gotten gains in 50c increments. In fact at this point one of the other players suggested we were bots!??

Anyways am running pretty good in these games, although I’m embarrassed to say my stats are not as laggy as Jambon’s, I have him at 68/43 after 225 hands. I feel like such a nit now.

Anyways got to shoot Dave’s bringing around some Columbian tonight and I better get some kip, that boy’s nostrils know no limits.

September 21, 2006


Well been a while since my last entry. Have been Stateside playing poker, drinking and seeing the sites. Many Thanks to Davey Lu for organising a fantastic trip and to all the people who came along for making it such a fantastic time.

Will probably whack some pictures on soon. Playing poker in US of A was certainly different, feel it’s helped my game somewhat, if only trying to get a better understanding of terrible player’s thought processes.

Really looking forward to next year. Living with Scott, Rick and Flash sounds like poker heaven, but I’m looking forward to getting out on the piss with them more. Rick and I should be catching up for anotherTequilla session pronto, wonder if he’ll get propositiponed again.

Pokerwise I spunked most of roll in states, and am now waiting for mansion to cough up the £1.1k they owe me. I think I will go about building a roll sensibly. I dominated the tournys on stars last few academic terms, yet it’s been Ha££INGOL’s strip club fund that has reaped the benefits.

Should be back up to Uni before start of term to put in some hours on the poker front. Will also look into playing GSOP as those fish deserve a good frying and I somehow didn’t place in the last £250 comp.

September 03, 2006


So, I havent blogged in a while. Please excuse me for my laziness. A couple of days ago I visited Flash in his crib (South London). This is picture I feel accurately shows the kind of place Flash lives in:


More to come soon

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