June 14, 2007

For 2+2


June 06, 2007

My Quiz! and congrats to MrSmokey1

The Great TOMMO PARTRIDGE Friend Test is now up on Facebook:


See how well you know me!

Also congratulations to one of my best friends, Steve Billirakis (aka Mr Smokey1) who won the first event at the WSOP this year. Unfortunately, you can’t quite see me in this pic, but I’m standing just behind Ozzy. We had an awesome time celebrating!


And this is Smokey with the cash


June 01, 2007

Walsall Shenanigans

Wednesday night saw 12 of us make the trek to Walsall Casino to play in their thirty quid double stack. I wasn’t going to go myself (as I had an exam in two days), but after some suitable encouragement from JD, I decided to sacrifice my revision for the greater good. I hope JD feels he made the right decision here. Anyway.

Bobby Jagger was one of those who decided to come. It was good to see Jags again, and it looked as if he had bought some new clothes to mark the occasion. His newly polished shoes, Party Poker Jacket, and disco-shirt combo were lovely, and the hand-moisturising he indulged in on the way meant he was glowing radiantly as we stepped out of the car at Walsall.

As we walked in, Flash and I got a bit of flirting in with the receptionists. Yawn. The rest of the group went off to Chiquito’s to have a Mexican. Chiquito’s is the most overpriced, overrated restaurant I have ever had the misfortune of stepping into. The service is terrible, and the food tastes like it just came out of a sewer. I wouldn’t feed it to my dog. Accordingly, I stayed at the casino and ordered some good old British bangers and mash.

The tournament kicked off at half nine, and unfortunately Scott, Minty and Jags, who weren’t in their seats at the time, were not allowed to play. I busted pretty quickly, and so sat in 2pound/2pound cash game. One interesting hand: Folded round to me on the button, and I pop it up to 16 with 7d9d (it had been straddled). SB and straddler both call. Flop is ATx, and the SB leads into me for 25. Straddler folds, and I am pretty sure that SB is just making a probe bet here with a weak ace. I shove for 104, and he calls with AT. gg me.

I walk over to the tourney to see how the Warwick lads are getting on. Jambon, Mark and Flash are still in, so I watch for a bit. They are using this tourney to train some new dealers for next weeks festival, and I time one dealer. She takes 1min and 10 seconds, which is absolutely ridiculous. I know that Saef can fire those bullets off in less than 5 seconds, which is much more like it.

After being forced to wait an hour, I sit in another cash game (this time the blinds are 1pound/1 pound). Mostly Warwick players, but also a few middle aged men. I begin to notice that one of the guys is muttering under his breath and is getting pissed off with me, so obviously I try to get him on tilt. I make it 4 blind UTG, and he looks at me, blood boiling in his veins and face turning a dark crimson, and says, menacingly ‘10, BLIND’. Ooooooh. Looks like this chap has come to play. I call and he shoves the flop. I fold and he shows 26. Nh sirrr.

Another classic:

Me: ‘Raise’

Old Boy: ‘Is that the only f***ing word in your vocabulary?’

Me: “I say pot sometimes too”

Anyway, was getting some good banter going before he bluffed his whole stack off to Flash with ten high. As the cash game is finishing up, Jambon wanders over. Jambon lost TT v 55 all in pre (even hitting a ten), AK v AJ all in pre, and then Ax vs Tc6c on an Ac xx board (i think). Sounds very sick. Mark has a similar experience when his A2 lost to QJ on an A52 board. Jambon finishes 7th and Mark 5th. I quit the cash game 250 quid up, so a good night, all in all.

Bit of banter as we are leaving the casino: the security guard starts teaching me a few Martial Arts moves. His name was Theo, and here is a pic:


More banter on the way back as Flash gets pulled over by the police for speeding. He had drunk 7 Stellas and Scotch on the Rocks earlier at the casino. Luckily, the ole penny in the mouth trick worked a treat, and the breathalyser came back negative.


The next evening, watched a bit of Hustle and The Apprentice with Flash and Lauren. I don’t think Naomi deserved to go, but Simon is pretty funny, and is good at break-dancing, so fair dues. No doubt Naomi will go on and have a starring role in the Porn industry.

A quick note that a ‘How well do you know Tommo’ quiz will appear on my Facebook profile soon. 20 multiple choice questions, and if anyone gets the lot right, I’ll give them a pat on the back. Ok, got an exam in half an hour, so I better dash.

May 25, 2007

One Down

Had an exam yestersay, which went better than expected, I have been told that I will be awarded extra marks for the way I conducted myself…I.e I went for 3 hours without a drink and managed to control my bladder for this time also, early indications show that this puts me in an elite 10% of students. Upon returning home I relaxed as much as possible when you are playing pots like this…(looks like poker hand site has closed, will look into it..)

May 22, 2007

Video release

For anyone fancying a break from revision or insomniacs who want something to bore them to sleep I’d recommend listening to my drivel in these series of videos. Includes whole MTT bar final table, this part is currently stranded on Tom’s laptop. The video is hosted by daily motion, hope you can make out the hole cards, you will need to register an account to view the first one, as it has been registered explicit; it’s pretty easy though.

Part One:


Part Two:


Part Three:


Part Four:


May 19, 2007

Richard and Judy

Such was the rage building inside me during my last entry I forgot to include this link kindly sent to me by Jamie…


Library– NSFW

Does anyone know why International students seem to think that the stairwell of the library is a great place for a conversation? Could they not be a little more considerate and talk in the library itself, granted this may be disturbing for those concentrating on browsing facebook and simultaneously conducting 5 msn convo’s. However, it would allow me to escsape for a much needed break without having to weave through hoards of people whilst being disorientated by their gabbling. Lately I have taken to studying in the carells and have decided that thiis the best way of avoiding having people actually recognise you in the library and presuming that you are some kind of geek. I have also been introduced to the concept of competitve revising by a friend, I shall be blogging on theis bag of tricks in the near future.

May 18, 2007


Forum master


May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Jambon

Not much to report, is Jamie’s 21st today so will be heading into Coventy shortly to enjoy some celebrations STA styleeee. Those boys certainly like to party, but perhaps lack the tolerance that Lucky 77 display. Hopefully, Jamie will make it out tonight-although I anticipate the drinking card game pioneered by STA may get rioutous.

Not played a great deal of cards recently, but did go along to a Tag Team tournament at soc on Monday partnered by James. Was good fun and a very good structure, even though according to one disgruntled punter “The new exec are’nt as lovely as Dave Lu”.

Made a facebook post on the Oxford Cup page, hopefully should be better than last year. well quite frankly it can’t be much worse!

Highlight of the week so far has to be turfing some slackers out of their carrel, ably aided by a couple of fearsome bailiffs in the form of library receptionists.

That’s all for now, no doubt will post a few updates in coming days..Also be sure to check out Kader’s post on 6 max strategy which is stickied (what isn’t nowadays) on www.warwickpoker.com

May 13, 2007



May 12, 2007


Pwn aba harder

The power in flight

The Power in flight

April 13, 2007

Computer science 'hoes

linktex – soundtrack of last summer

April 11, 2007

Easter Update

Apologies for not posting in ages, will be updating on a moe regular basis. Not going to attempt to recap all that has happened- has involved mostly ssnl grinding, drinking and sporadic revision. Did go for a couple of good meals last week at Wilde’s and The Cross in Kenilworth-very good establishments, can’t recommend them highly enough. Also went out last night, and got mugged off by the same blonde barmaid from TJs who appears to really hate me- this time she just called me very rude- Mark talked her out of bottling me for my “rudeness”. Finally, may get around to posting the $8rebuy vid asap- it’s still in the processing stage of production atm..

February 16, 2007

Chinese and Bowling

Headed to wing wah last night with poker pals. Was a lot better than I expected-the joys of a pessimistic outlook- the dog is always half eaten. Got inolved with the chicken and scampi and didn’t even demonstate my proficiency with chop sticks. Was particularly impressed with the way one of the kitchen staff was polishing plates in a “wax on-wax off mention”. Pudding consisted off jelly and ice-cream, which once again was fine. Haven’t suffered a bout of food poisoining yet, which is good, would be a waste to get ill in reading week!

Went bowling after and got pwned in a prop bet by Jambon, I’d done my research and figured that the man was nothing without his white leather jacket, but clearly the legacy of it still provides the boy wonder with his mystical powers.

Just had word from Parsy that he may be down this w/e, so no doubt there will be some bouts of reckless dissipation and debauchery to report health permitting. Think we may head along to cheerleading event at evolve if enough people can neglect the sunday tournaments.

February 11, 2007

A Good Week

Went out for drinks on Tuesday night in the graduate- ended up getting pretty wasted and headed down to an ASoc event which was taking place in The Cooler. A good time was had by all, with some entering fully into the spirit of the night. Stars and played this for some time.

lo and behold there waa a knock at the door and Suzie and Chattie turned up, having been to see some horrifically violent film at the cinema. Prooving just how sociable internet poker really is iplayed in the kitchen whilst those mentioned above Flash and james looked over my shoulder. They were planning on going out for dinner and in felt a little guilty for keeping them waiting so offered to pick up the tab if I won. Ended up winning the monies for $5k. Was good fun playing with friends watching and nice to have a decent score.

Went out for dinner at Prezzo and quaffed a healthy quantity of champagne to supliment our pasta dishes. Was quite a quiet atmosphere in the restaurant, so we did our best to liven it up a little popping champagne corks, Chattie shouting “kaffa” at the waiters etc..Was then on to TJ’s for more liver abuse. Was a good day, nice combination of poker and socialising.

On Thursday I moved some funds to party and made about 1.3k playing 1-2 NL. Went bowling with the Jagger house, Shaz, dave, Lauren and Chattie. managed to pwn the word up machine with Tom and lauren-clearing the grid and securing top score by a margin of 300 points. On arriving home made a video of my mtt win, wish I’ll post soon.

Friday was prett quiet affair although ended up going for a great meal at Wilde’s with Rick and Scott- Tom was at Suzie’s that night. Had pate followed by lamb cutlets- was very good.

Saturday- props to Rupert for taking down the $8r on stars, Tom and I got sicked in 100r, but he managed to secure an EPT Warsaw seat. Congratulations for that fantastic achievement. Obviously celebratons were in order and we headed to meet James in Robbin’s Well, then met Scott and friends in some atrocious Indian restaurant where I endured a Scampi and chips, was terrible. To cleanse my palate headed to TJ’s for a cheeky drink, unfortunately the IT BOX was occupied, so were unable to rape it.

That’s all for now…

February 09, 2007

$8 rebuy on Stars video preview: interesting hand

Just made a two part video. Here is a preview. Watching this part back, I realised I sounded slightly too sure of myself, although I am still confident. However, players I respect have disagreed, so I thought it would be interesting to post this hand


Tommo $8r winp2 AJ
Video sent by maryhadalamb

February 07, 2007

Exciting Developments

After much recent speculation, there have been exciting developments in the Union. Yes, finally the Union has seen the light and added WORD UP to their collection of quiz games. Look out for LuckySeven™ dominating the high score table.

Went out to grad and event in the Cooler last night-Indian Event of some kind- only 4 of use pale skinned mob in there-clearly they had flocked from all arouned to witness the moooves pulled of by Jambon, James, Chattie and myself. However, rather disappointly the event was somewhat tainted for me, as once again Jamie neglected to wear his white leather jacket- I look forward to the spring when he will once again become a major player on the fashion scene. Also, expect him to wear sunglasses all year around like the Greeks. Good time was had by all, although there has been much whinging about hangovers this morning-not balla!

Have also been enjoying following the elections campaign, am particularly impressed that there has been no chalk scrawlings on the pavement to damage my designer apparel.

February 03, 2007


Has been a busy week to ten days. Went on a poker trip/Flash’s 21st to Dublin which was thorougly enjoyable. Highlights included throwing my passport on a baggage carousel for a prop bet, witnessing Porno Mark’s drunken banter at the poker table, playing a load of irish fish, breakfast (black and white puddings), getting lost in Dublin having no idea where I was with a drunk McChattie, spending some time with Ed Barron and his biatches, buying myself a lamb card protector and sampling Irish Guinness. My Goodness! Congrats also to Jack and Sarah for making the final table, and to Sarah for winning it as well. Also to Jambon for destroying the cash games. Big thanks to James Smith for organising the trip.

When we got back no-one else was up for drinking apart from the STA boys so had a beer there and went back and chilled. Monday was poker soc and drinks afer. Also failed to do a press up with Flash on my back. He obv eats too many pies. Tuesday was Blood Diamond and Jumping Jacks. I enjoyed the film as it broadened my social/ethnic horizons. There were some real balla black men driving pick ups and weilding AK47s and listeing to Tupac. Not a film I would usually go and see.

Wednesay involved comedy night at Kelseys. The less said about this, the better. Thursday saw a good meal at Leam B&G (where Rick got the whole restaurant to sing happy birthday while keeping his clothes on, an admirable effort) followed by Mirage. Friday was a quiet night in. Might go over Jambon’s tomorrow to play some poker and watch the SuperBowl. Will def update the blog more frequently, as it is quite hard to update it on a weekly basis.

Congrats also to my mate Annette_15 for winning this weeks TLB on Stars. Big props to Annie.

Here is my graph from January. Lots of ups and downs, but the general trend is exciting me.


My aim for this month (Feb) is to play 50,000 hands, do more uni work, go out socialing more, and make Platinum status on Stars. Also to post more on 2+2, and take down a Warwick Poker Soc Tourney.

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