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October 16, 2006

Beer photographs go big!

Being a connoisseur of the finer things in life, I enjoy the odd drop of ale. Obviously, I prefer to enjoy my beer in the most sympathetic of surroundings, the pub, however I have been known to partake of the bottled variety at home. Given my other half’s intolerance of the smoke and noise of our local hostelries (in other words; the good bits) the phenomenon of domestic imbibing is becoming more common. To this end, I had a snifter on Friday nights and, being a sort who like to catalogue things, I kept a record of my adventures in beerland on flickr via phone-camera shots of the bottle labels. To date Coniston Bluebird Ale has been viewed nine times: which can be contrasted with pictures of very pretty girls that are on flicker and have only been viewed twice. What I don’t understand is why Bluebird a fine ale but featuring a rather dull and uninteresting label has been the veritable blockbuster of the digitally imaged beer-bottle world whilst the far more intriguing Dorothy Goodbody Golden Ale, Black Sheep Riggwelter and Black Wych Stout have received nary a look.

The Goodbody in particular deserves a glance for it’s ultra-masculine combination of ale and pin-up beauty. A real victory for the marketing men. I just love the thought process on this one; can you imagine the meetings with the brand consultants?
“Right chaps, we have a brand that’s going nowhere. It’s a golden ale; Dorothy Goodbody.”
“I’m sorry?”
“Dorothy Goodbody.”
“And what do you have on the label?”
“Oh, you know… kegs… hops… that kind of thing.”
“Put a half naked blonde on there. That’ll be twenty thousand pounds please. Plus expenses.”

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