November 06, 2004

Selected entry 31/10/2004

Writing about web page

It seems the only thing(s) I can do with my computer are either watching anime/manga/TV or blogging. Can't possibly think of other stuffs – may be writing essays oh but they are matters thousands light-years away (in fact they are deal in two weeks so the conclusion is that in my parallel universe light must be moving damn slow)...

Galaxy –

Not the chocolate bars or ice-cream,

but the galaxy which surrounds us.

If the explorers of the 15th century stared at the ocean and wonders what lies on the other side, then we people of the 21st century should look up to the sky. The magnificent deep space out there is where our past and out future lies. When we look at the stars in the sky we tend to question if any form of intelligence exists there – I'm not prepared to go into any philosophical debates here but merely want to make one point: the like hood of intelligent life form living in the other side of the sky urges us to go into space and evolve. Someday when we evolve to the stage of space-traveller we might well encounter other intelligent life forms and face competition from them. Homo sapiens, or mankind is a relatively young species in universal terms, and there might had been great galactic civilizations rise and fall well before we mankind managed to stand on our feet. The absence of contact from other forms of intelligence may mean we are alone in the galaxy, or it may mean the more advance form of intelligence prefer to leave us alone. After all, we are not so bother about what the bees or ants are doing in their hives. Then, if we finally manage to explore the space, only to find signs of 'no entry' or 'forbidden' erected by other civilizations here or there, we're left with few choices – to become the eternal prisoners of our lovely mother Gaia or making futile effort to fight our way out, only to be crushed mercilessly. To avoid such situation to happen we can either depend on our luck that the galaxy belongs to us exclusively, or to make harder effort to make ourselves a citizen of the universe. Only by emancipating ourselves from our cradle can we lower our chances of falling into such tragic consequence.

Of course, such wild scenarios are based on the competitive and hierarchical nature of the biosystem which may exist only on earth. It is possible that a universal hierarchy of life forms may not exist and the galaxy can be shared freely with other life forms. It is also possible that the seemingly unproblematic desire to expand will do more harm than good and that remaining on Earth is the best choice. The necessity of expansion and gaining a footing in the universe is clearly a belief or an ideology arisen out of the dominant masculine discourse rather than a scientific argument. But whenever I look at the stars in night, I have the sense that the dark space out there, separated from us by the thousands kilometers thick atmosphere, should be our true destination.

It is all men's romance,

the patriarchal thinking of conquering the female's body,

projected onto the exotic virgin lands of the galaxy…...

Oh that's why I like reading science fiction,

because they are in some sense a sex adventure…

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