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January 16, 2012

Story Telling 2

When watching the two clips of the different reader’s it was apparent to me that the second reading was better. I felt that their was more expression in their voice with good facial and hand gestures in order to help with the understanding of the book. The book was almost being acted out. I also felt the pace of the reading was quick but not too fast so that you couldn’t understand what was going on, this helped for a free flowing pace.

My own philosophy on reading is that it should not be a chore but should be enjoyable and should enable the imagination to run wild. With story telling you have the responsibility to entertain an audience in the same way a comedian for example does. The tone of voice and emphasis on characters different characteristics is crucial to help with understanding and enjoyment. Reading itself is a vital part of life and needs a strong focus from the early years. It can be a great way of gathering information and acquiring knowledge. The written word for centuries has been the way information or knowledge is passed on through generations and needs to be recognised as a very important part of life. It is for these reasons that to be included in everyday life children need to realise the importance of reading and understand that it is an empowering ability.

Story Telling

Storytelling is about children listening to stories which are 'told' to them. It is most commonly used in Literacy within school however can be used in other subjects to help with learning objectives. e.g See my blog post about The Little Bear and how i used the book in Science.

Storytelling can be extremely enjoyable for children for many reasons, these include the books being funny or exciting in telling an intriguing story. To continue the books may have interesting charachers which may draw the children in along with interesting pictures which may interest the children. Finally the books may have a good story line which will capture the childrens imagination about what may happen at the end of the book. With this also children will gain a sense of anticipation about what will happen so will be eager to listen to find out.

However for the children to fully enjoy the book then the teacher much possess several skills. I believe the teacher needs to have a clear expressive voice in which the children are interested and excited by. To continue I feel it enhances the read passage if the reader tries to get into the roles of the different characters and tries to change their voice and tone in accordance. This will not only help with the children differentiating between characters but will also make the story more enjoyable. Finally I feel it is vital good eye contact is made with the children.

Story telling can be vital for children's learning in that it will help with their reading and writing skills which they can then transfer into their literacy work. Story telling can also help with children's imagination skills in that they can think about what is happening in the book and what may happen at the end. Finally many stories have a moral to them and by reading these stories and getting the children to understand the meaning of them this can help with morality in the future.

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