February 03, 2005

What the Hell ?! What's wrong with you people !

Yeah the first thing I wanna write down in this category is a thought that I got for a long time….What's wrong with you people about partying ?

I mean what is the point of going to parties where you canNOT talk at all, where you have to scream to be heard and where all these people are smoking and drinking ? I dont get it !
Sometimes I love to be drowned by music – house, techno, rock, anykind – but when it's about talking, chitchatting and discovering people, I just HATE this kind of "trendy" and "cool" places…

I think that people just gather around 'cos they can't stand to be alone… J"ust to be together, without sharing anything" would the motto of this young generation….

Why a Blog Doc ?

23:47 Uk Time
Here I am writing down some words on this white webpage trying to explain in a intellectual way why I've decided to start a blog. I've already read many many blogs and almost every author starts by explaining why he/she's doing that…

Well yeah, it's cool to have a blog ! to be like everybody else, technologicaly trendy ! "Are ya blogged ? – Yeah sure ! Who's not nowadays ?"

In addition to this trend, I wanted to start a blog to write down silly stuff about me, like What's the oldest thing you own? What's your favourite word? What word(s) do you hate? <<< examples taken from the Warwick Blog Website. Maybe and certainly 'cos I want to share my ideas and opinions over many many things and keep a written trace of all of these !

Um…I think that's all for now… I might edit this entry later, but I think it gives a good idea of what I am doing here

Best Book ever….

Writing about web page http://www.iblist.com/book4462.htm

5 out of 5 stars

This book is based on an intriguing premise: the main character has the ability to stop time at will. I mean Didn't you ever think about stopping time ? just to enjoy longest day (sunshines for example), for the exam to have a look in your books 'cos you've forgotten this god damn mathematic formula….or just to sneak into girl's room ?

Well this book is for you ! especially if you're "a" boy, 'cos girls might not taste the "erotic" aspect of it…

What I especially like about Baker is that he writes just like I'm thinking, adding all these useless tiny details – just like in "The Mezzanine"...I love his way of writing and..gosh, READ THIS BOOK !

Btw : I've read this book from the first to the last page in one day !

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