May 04, 2007

Electronics labs… :(

Garrrgh.  Today I had my first electronics labs.  And how very annoying they were too.  The demonstrators know absoloutely nothing - one person will tell you what to do, and then another person will tell you that that way is completely wrong and will give you incorrect results.

I spent 3 hours trying to do ONE thing, how ridiculous.  It should have taken 30 minutes tops.  Grrr.

May 02, 2007


I have a lovely cactus that my girlfriend gave me.  I have no knowledge of plants - yet, it seems to be growing.  It's got new shoots at the moment, how exciting!  Maybe I should cook and eat it when it's big.


May 01, 2007


I...have landed.  As I set foot upon the alien landscape, I realise one thing...this is not home.  One step.  Another.  Three steps - I stagger forward to gain a better view.  The landscape is familiar, but strangely foreign.  Only one thing is for certain......I am drunk.

And that probably somes up University life.  Work for a bit, drink for a bit, more work, be told there's an exam in a week, panic, go drinking, somehow learn the WHOLE module in a little over 24 hours, take the exam, and drink again.  It's a hard life.

Well, you may think that this is a typical blog, and you'll probably be proven right in the end.  But i endeavour to make it at least...a little bit different.

And here's my obligatory Facebook whoring.

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