December 16, 2004

Tyler's Smurf goes live!

Writing about web page

Yes it's true! Tyler's blog is officially online and with content. Apologies for those of you who couldn't hear the applause and gasps, but I assure you it was quite a sound.

Ok, to be fair my blog really only contains pictures right now, but if I ever feel like it I may add something worth a little more than eye-candy. (and we all know that it is pure eye-candy!)

Leave a message if you want- it would be fun to see how many people stumbled across this page, and perhaps even what they thought…(if it's a bad thought it might get censored when i eventually read it)

Peace out,

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  1. Richy

    Tyler's Smurf goes live – a Christmas gift in itself!An insight into the World of Tyler – scary stuff. Looking good so far bud…

    Welcome to the self–appreciation club!

    16 Dec 2004, 22:59

  2. Gooseman

    I literally soiled my undergarments when I saw the majesty of this… work of supreme stupendification.

    Goodness has a new name.. and that name is 'Tyler's smurf'. Keep up the good fight brave hero. Only eternal vigilance will see this blog retain its title of almighty behmoth. For justice Tyler… I weep at the smurfagorical beauty.

    17 Dec 2004, 02:16

  3. Santa

    Merry Christmas!!!

    17 Dec 2004, 17:27

  4. Allan

    Like the shiny blue salmon of justice, you swim unceasingly against the tide of crap websites and internt porn, to reach the very spawning grounds of web comedy itself.

    You sir, are a true american hero,

    I salute you.

    18 Dec 2004, 19:46

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