February 14, 2005


The weekend of the 12/13th of February saw a nostalgic mix of old panthers return for the traditional festivities that are the Roller Hockey Alumni Games.

I must admit that it was the best weekend I've had in a long time- if only it had lasted longer… To fill those who didn't take part in all that went on, here's what I remember:

Saturday morning:
Hockey training- Tom and Dave turn up and play. Richy comes to watch. Alumni ersatz goalie Rob tests out westwood. The Tyler, Tom, Dave, James line performs magnificently- outplaying the opposition like the competitive dad from the fast show…

Saturday afternoon:
Back to mine for steamy showers (you know it!) and gameplanning. Road trip to the mystical sainsbury's/mcdonalds complex. John eventually meets us there, but declines the big tasty- a good decision if you ask me. Head off to tesco for a keg of WKD blue- at which point Tom realises he has a case of buds in his house. Rich helps him rescue it while the rest of the guys return to the command center…

Saturday evening:
Tom and Rich return with a case of buds and a crate of some safeway alcopops Rich bizarrely had in his car. We hold off for 45 minutes, then attack the keg. Eventually Emily, Ed, and Pat turn up (don't recall which order) and the bathtub is gradually made less full of bottles. After exhausting our supply we head over to the bar for refills and fussball…

Saturday night:
memory begins to get hazy here. We finally make it to the union for boogy nights (did anyone realise it was boogy nights?) and more drinks. James meets us there and inadvertently distracts Pat while 'nameless but not shameless' alumni members attempt to gain an unfair advantage for tomorrows game by spiking his drinks. Apparently it has no effect- try wild turkey next time guys. I hear i sit down and fall over a lot, and hit John a few times. Rich is reported to just have hit drinks for a change. Made it to the dancefloor for a while, although I don't actually recall dancing. Found an old housemate, and then the night was over (perhaps a memory loss?). We get outside and it's hailing something terrible, so i run home. I get tired and walk the rest of the way. Meet Rich 30 yards from my house, he's run flat out but took some really long way only he knows. I believe its morning when we return to my room…

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