December 19, 2004

Kitchen Star Trek?

Follow-up to Random Thoughts and Crazy Ideas from Tyler's smurf

Yes, the name does imply something out of this world (sorry)!

During a recent lecture I reached such a state of enlightenment that I saw myself staring at the people in my kitchen. But they were not just the familiar faces I had come to remember, oh no… they were suited up star trek style! If you think that's weird get this- I don't even watch star trek!

Anyway the characters were like this:
Massimo – Worf
Jane – Troy
Phil – #1
Joseann – The black woman, I think she was Uhulru or something
Masaki – Sulu or Chekov, can't remember- both golden!
Jenny – A really small Spock
Myself – Kirk

What a hallucination- interestingly Cheryl wasn't in it, so we decided she must be either an extra who dies on an away mission, or a green alien.

I realise that these characters are from conflicting series, but I was informed that Generations saw them all come together for one big happy shindig- possibly with the exception of Uhulru or whatever her name was…

Now we just need to get ourselves some uniforms and we can bring the dream to life!

Make it so.

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  1. #1

    Chekhov is Russian… golden? Each member of the kitchen crew should be accounted for. What about that old tramp that lives in the comms room? He actually is Mr Chekhov.

    31 Dec 2004, 21:10

  2. i am considering another halloween…

    02 Jan 2005, 14:03

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