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January 28, 2005

Explanation of kitchen pictures

Just to clarify, the reason I am not in 'the cast' gallery is that I think you'll find enough pictures of me on the blog already…

The reason Jenny's pictures are so grainy is that I had to zoom in quite a lot- beyond the power of my optical zoom, and the digital one isn't the best on this camera (shoddy chinese workmanship!). Also she was wearing grain makeup.

It was particularly challenging to take pictures of my 'eastern' female housemates- for some reason they don't like having their pictures taken. I can't even begin to understand why anyone wouldn't want their picture taken- except perhaps those tribes where they believe it takes part of your soul, or is that only if you get the eyes. Or is that the islamic faith- who knows, and indeed why is it important?

For this reason I am particularly proud of my pictures of Jenny. The ones of Cheryl proved most unimpressive. I think she would have been far better off if she had just consented- at least then I would have a decent picture. To think she's leaving very soon and this is the only picture I have of her, (sniff)...

Jane on the other hand, proved very elusive. I managed to take a picture of her- the reflex actually made her look rather like an elf, which was very strange- sort of like the cover of my soundgarden album (superunknown). Unfortunately through some kind of mind control/hypnotic command, I found myself deleting it right away! Perhaps there is more to her than meets the eye…

Needless to say, the other pictures turned out alright- slightly racist, but alright nontheless (in one shot joseann was really black, and masaki was really yellow). I hope in the future the girls will not fear the camera as much. Personally, I don't understand what they are afraid of- with a still pose, even the worst camera in the world couldn't make them look unattractive.

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