February 14, 2005

RHAG II continued…

Follow-up to RHAG II from Tyler's smurf

Sunday morning:
I wake up to the sound of Ozzy- I stupidly left my alarm on, and it's way too early. Since that woke everyone up, they decided it would be fun to kick me out of my bed- again. It would have been funny were there not wet sections of the floor- I would like to blame John for that. The place looks like the inside of a bottle bank. Most of us just kinda laze around until Emily decides to make herself pretty. Refer to the Cinderella-esque picture, she was far too cheery. We finally get up and head over to Rootes for a well earned breakfast- which I personally found minging. Emily officially recieved a check-threat for being far too cheery. Rich was in the right mood. I'm guessing he had some fun next to all those machines in the server room…

Sunday mid-afternoon:
We pick up some kit for Rich and head over to the Desso. What a trip when we opened the changing room doors. Could only get better. Pete even makes an appearance before excusing himself from the game- ha ha, our brilliant tactic! Eventually everyone gets ready and we head out into the hall…

Sunday afternoon:
The game begins, and much fun was had by all. The old school style becomes apparent, and the current players appear to be a little offended with that particular idiom- but soon get used to it. Current team clearly dominates the scoring, and manage to win even without my controversial post-pings that may or may not have gone in. Session is rounded off with some penalty shots and group photos. Unfortunately Emily's check-threat will have to wait till next time…

Sunday late-afternoon:
After returning the kit to Westwood, we meet for drinks at Varsity and agree to have a meal at the Old Clarence in Earlsdon. Several members were lost along the way, or perhaps they decided to go home. I enjoyed a 12 oz mixed grill which was rather tasty, and worth the wait and efforts Matt (B) and others had to go through to order them. After a good couple hours of sitting around enjoying our company, we began to part ways, with me eventually ending up back at my place. Back to normal…

That was truely a great weekend. Maybe we should make it twice a year. I already miss you guys. Especially Emily's rally-girl outfit!

Peace out.


The weekend of the 12/13th of February saw a nostalgic mix of old panthers return for the traditional festivities that are the Roller Hockey Alumni Games.

I must admit that it was the best weekend I've had in a long time- if only it had lasted longer… To fill those who didn't take part in all that went on, here's what I remember:

Saturday morning:
Hockey training- Tom and Dave turn up and play. Richy comes to watch. Alumni ersatz goalie Rob tests out westwood. The Tyler, Tom, Dave, James line performs magnificently- outplaying the opposition like the competitive dad from the fast show…

Saturday afternoon:
Back to mine for steamy showers (you know it!) and gameplanning. Road trip to the mystical sainsbury's/mcdonalds complex. John eventually meets us there, but declines the big tasty- a good decision if you ask me. Head off to tesco for a keg of WKD blue- at which point Tom realises he has a case of buds in his house. Rich helps him rescue it while the rest of the guys return to the command center…

Saturday evening:
Tom and Rich return with a case of buds and a crate of some safeway alcopops Rich bizarrely had in his car. We hold off for 45 minutes, then attack the keg. Eventually Emily, Ed, and Pat turn up (don't recall which order) and the bathtub is gradually made less full of bottles. After exhausting our supply we head over to the bar for refills and fussball…

Saturday night:
memory begins to get hazy here. We finally make it to the union for boogy nights (did anyone realise it was boogy nights?) and more drinks. James meets us there and inadvertently distracts Pat while 'nameless but not shameless' alumni members attempt to gain an unfair advantage for tomorrows game by spiking his drinks. Apparently it has no effect- try wild turkey next time guys. I hear i sit down and fall over a lot, and hit John a few times. Rich is reported to just have hit drinks for a change. Made it to the dancefloor for a while, although I don't actually recall dancing. Found an old housemate, and then the night was over (perhaps a memory loss?). We get outside and it's hailing something terrible, so i run home. I get tired and walk the rest of the way. Meet Rich 30 yards from my house, he's run flat out but took some really long way only he knows. I believe its morning when we return to my room…

January 28, 2005

Explanation of kitchen pictures

Just to clarify, the reason I am not in 'the cast' gallery is that I think you'll find enough pictures of me on the blog already…

The reason Jenny's pictures are so grainy is that I had to zoom in quite a lot- beyond the power of my optical zoom, and the digital one isn't the best on this camera (shoddy chinese workmanship!). Also she was wearing grain makeup.

It was particularly challenging to take pictures of my 'eastern' female housemates- for some reason they don't like having their pictures taken. I can't even begin to understand why anyone wouldn't want their picture taken- except perhaps those tribes where they believe it takes part of your soul, or is that only if you get the eyes. Or is that the islamic faith- who knows, and indeed why is it important?

For this reason I am particularly proud of my pictures of Jenny. The ones of Cheryl proved most unimpressive. I think she would have been far better off if she had just consented- at least then I would have a decent picture. To think she's leaving very soon and this is the only picture I have of her, (sniff)...

Jane on the other hand, proved very elusive. I managed to take a picture of her- the reflex actually made her look rather like an elf, which was very strange- sort of like the cover of my soundgarden album (superunknown). Unfortunately through some kind of mind control/hypnotic command, I found myself deleting it right away! Perhaps there is more to her than meets the eye…

Needless to say, the other pictures turned out alright- slightly racist, but alright nontheless (in one shot joseann was really black, and masaki was really yellow). I hope in the future the girls will not fear the camera as much. Personally, I don't understand what they are afraid of- with a still pose, even the worst camera in the world couldn't make them look unattractive.

December 20, 2004

Things we managed to convince Jenny of

Thought this was worth a mention- although it can not be fully accredited to myself of course! There were a number of beneficiaries that aided the cause. These people, who for the sake of their very safety shall remain unnamed, helped to forge a human-sized pill of golden hogwash that was rammed down the throat of enduring gullibility with the accuracy and explosiveness of a well-placed bread-loaf bomb. And that bread-loaf bomb exploded with tremendously pleasing results- in the name of freedom! Freedom of speech that is…

Anyways, here's the list.

  • My pumpkin was carved using a crafty combination of acid and lasers- provided by my sources in engineering.

  • When the pieces of a jack-o-lantern are separated, the culprit will endure a 30-day curse during which it is advisable to avoid all contact with creatures having four or more legs.

  • The muppets are not only real, but Ms. Piggy is the highest paid actress in the United States. (ok, she didn't really believe that one. I think she's on to us…)

  • The great wall of China was in fact originally supposed to be a square, but was only 25% completed due to lack of enthusiastic workers, rocks, and money.

There are more I'm sure of it- I just can't seem to recall them right now. I hereby pledge to update this post when I remember…

December 19, 2004

Kitchen Star Trek?

Follow-up to Random Thoughts and Crazy Ideas from Tyler's smurf

Yes, the name does imply something out of this world (sorry)!

During a recent lecture I reached such a state of enlightenment that I saw myself staring at the people in my kitchen. But they were not just the familiar faces I had come to remember, oh no… they were suited up star trek style! If you think that's weird get this- I don't even watch star trek!

Anyway the characters were like this:
Massimo – Worf
Jane – Troy
Phil – #1
Joseann – The black woman, I think she was Uhulru or something
Masaki – Sulu or Chekov, can't remember- both golden!
Jenny – A really small Spock
Myself – Kirk

What a hallucination- interestingly Cheryl wasn't in it, so we decided she must be either an extra who dies on an away mission, or a green alien.

I realise that these characters are from conflicting series, but I was informed that Generations saw them all come together for one big happy shindig- possibly with the exception of Uhulru or whatever her name was…

Now we just need to get ourselves some uniforms and we can bring the dream to life!

Make it so.

December 18, 2004


This entry is only here untill I feel like putting something else in.
which will eventually happen…

December 17, 2004

Random Thoughts and Crazy Ideas

This section will obviously contain some very abstract stuff, but it should all be gold! I will add something here later, but right now the TV calls…

December 16, 2004

Tyler's Smurf goes live!

Writing about web page http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/tglenn

Yes it's true! Tyler's blog is officially online and with content. Apologies for those of you who couldn't hear the applause and gasps, but I assure you it was quite a sound.

Ok, to be fair my blog really only contains pictures right now, but if I ever feel like it I may add something worth a little more than eye-candy. (and we all know that it is pure eye-candy!)

Leave a message if you want- it would be fun to see how many people stumbled across this page, and perhaps even what they thought…(if it's a bad thought it might get censored when i eventually read it)

Peace out,

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