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May 23, 2005


Guess what I did today? Something out of the ordinary (for me anyway). I got out of bed at 6:30am! Was on the good ol' X12 by 7:10am, on the exercise bike in the gym by 7:50am and was in the library ready to start my productive day of work before 9am. That has never happened to me before.

Now far from feeling energised, I found myself actually asleep just a couple of hours into my productive day. oh dear. I'm surprised one of the library sharks didn't tell me I was taking up valuable space and throw me out, or fine me. BUT! I popped the student's favourite pill (well 6 of them) and I stayed in the library til after 8pm. Watched people come and go…..

I know that probably isn't that impressive, in my 1st year I went barmy and was doing silly hours in the library-get a space about half nine, work all day, stoppin for lunch breaks, (I suppose they were long breaks :S), work til library closed and then would work in Lib2 for a couple of hours. Madness I tell you. Well I only did it for about a week. So this year I'm doing less revision? Bizarre.

But the question is… I get up early tomorrow? I mean crazy early and get to the gym for 8am again.
Depends how I sleep heehee

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