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May 22, 2010

My reflection on the leadership and Excellence module

I have to be honest but it took me a great deal of time to actually realize any sort of significant value that the module added to my career endeavors. I was filled with a lot of scepticism with regards to its purpose, and I often questioned the lack of structure.  However, the final three days revealed a lot to me. One of my major realisations is that the module persuades every individual to reconsider their method of leadership by empowering their followers. A lot of leaders feel that the more empowered their followers are, the more threatened their position would be therefore they tend to withhold information so as to maintain that level of dependency from their followers. I realised that there was a correlation between the lessons from the module and the practice of the module. I thought to myself that a module that preaches empowerment of followers must also practice it in some way. Then I sat down to reflect on the attributes of the module. It immediately dawned on me that, this was the module out of every one that I have taken so far, where I was most empowered. I could think freely and creatively; challenge the tutor if I disagreed, and at no point did the tutor feel threatened about any student having a better idea than his. That to me, was enough to make me reconsider my leadership style when I resume employment. I like to see people practice what they preach; its the best way anybody can convince me. I have also witnessed the significance of the class exercises because they provided me the opportunity to test the practicality of the theoretical knowledge e.g follower empowerment. I must say however, that there is still a lot for me to learn about leadership, but I am going to apply that little I have learnt to every leadership position I find myself in the future. I am also going to make an effort to convince as many people as I can about the virtues of employee empowerment from hereon. 

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