November 07, 2005

Minutes of meeting 3/11/05

Attendees: Lara, Suzanna, Simon, Mike and Sarah
Gareth was absent due to his leg.

Areas on which the presentation is to be based were discussed, it was decide that it should be split up into 3 sections:

1) What are Fullerenes?
2) How where they discovered?
3) Applications of Fullerenes.

These sections were then discussed in more detail, and there basic content was decided:

1)What are Fullerenes?

Include images of fullerenes Some of these are to be done by group members using the relevant software so not all images are just taken from the internet etc.

The origin of the name Buckminster?

2) How where they discovered?

-Background on the scientists and a lead up to the discovery of fullerenes

-The acutal method used in the discovery and analysis

3) Applications

-The importance of fullerenes

-Medical uses


Suzanne will be researching section one and will be assisted by Gareth on his return, this needs to be okayed with Gareth. Suzanne will be starting with the images.

Mike and Lara will be researching section 2, Lara will be looking at the background areas and Mike will be looking more at the actual method and tools of analysis etc.

Sarah and Simon will be researching section 3, Simon looking at the uses in nanotubes and Sarah on the medical uses of Fullerenes.

It was agreed to use powerpoint to show the presentation and for each group member to complete their section on slides (font-arial size-14 colours-black and white) and we will come together and format and agree on which slides to use and which to not use as a group.

Next Meeting Thursday 10th November 11–12 at the learning grid.

November 06, 2005

Nobel Prize 1996

Our wonderfully inventive group name as thought of by Simon i do believe! Is because the nobel prize in 1996 was awarded to three scientists for the discovery of Fullerenes.

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