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November 14, 2005


Good Work on the Presentation Everyone!

i think we did much better that time!


November 10, 2005

Minutes– PSLP & CLSP

PSLP- stage one

Monday Week 3
-Emails were sent out to each member of team apex regarding what polymer they were to concentrate on.
-Meeting set up the following friday and everybody reported their findings.
-Four polymers were decided upon.
-Each polymer was assigned to one person.
-One person assigned with researching propertis needed in aviation.
-One person assigned with canceling out polymers not chosen for a reason.
-Meeting set up to present the findings.

Thursday Week 3
-Final polymer was decided upon.
-As a group we created the powerpoint presentation and the report.

Tuesday week 4
-First presentation was made.
– Next meeting set up, everyone is to have read material by then.

PSLP- Stage two

Thursday Week 4
-Within the meeting everybody wrote what they understood we were to do and later thoughts were shared with the group, from that a plan was devised.
-Two people allocated to research each polymer.
-Each team member alocated a marketing point to research
-Meeting set up for feedback.

Thursday Week 5
-All information was collected and distributed to each team member.
-A plan for the writing of the report and the presentation devised.
-Each team member was allocated a section of the report and presentation to write up.
-Information was emailed to all the team members.
-Imran compiled the report.
-Imar compiled the presentation.
-Meeting set up for preview of the report and the presentation, corrections made where all team members did not agree.
-Meeting set up for final preview of report and presentation.

Thursday Week 6
-Dummy run of presentation.
-Critique of each persons presentation.
-Changes made where necessary.
-Each team member instructed to go home, familiarise themselves with the presentation and the report.

Tuesday and Thursday week 7
-Second and third dummy runs of the presentation.

Friday morning Week 7
-Will have final dummy run of the presentation.
– To have read the CLSP- stage 1 notes by the next meeting.

Writer: Ademide Adefarasin 10/11/05 Editor: Imran Malik

CLSP- Stage 1

Monday Week 8
-Group meeting.
-Brain-storming session, everyone pitches in with their thoughts and analysis of the work.
– Team splits the work as follows:
1) Two member of the team address each of the main technologies : Electrolysis and Ozonation.
2)The other technologies are tackled by the remaining members of the group.
3) In addition each member is given an additional topic to cover. Weighter topics are covered by members with lower workloads / less deadlines. The group is flexible like this, and this is reciporical.
-Next meeting friday, preliminary reports and presentation expected by then.

Tuesday Week 9
– Other course deadlines are disruptive but team meet up and discuss findings.
-Dummy run of presentation.
– Debate content of reports and presentation.
-Week to finalise individual reports.
-Monday evening meeting set up, as that is the only available time for all the team.

Monday evening Week 10
-Individual reports collated and final report done.
-Presentation altered to fit time limit.
-Dummy run of presentation.

Tuesday morning Week 10
– Presentation.
– Meeting time set up for friday. Expected to analyse CSLP- stage two and bring defined plans for the meeting.

Imran Malik 29/11/05

CLSP- Stage 2

November 02, 2005

Report (1st Presentation)

Should be a link HERE

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