October 04, 2004


Just got in properly from all my lectures, had 3 today, a maths one at 9am, a "foundations of physics" at one, and a "relativity" one at two.. I survived, just about, thou my eyelids were drooping in the relativity lecture, they turned the lights down low, which doesnt help!!

Went to the societys fair (first half) this morning, and joined the follow societies:

Tech Crew
Curry Society (oh yea baby!!)
Warwick Student Cinema

Im going along tommorow to finish of my society joining, and trying not to join everything in sight… tisnt gonna work!

Going out tonight to off-bananna, the rock alternative to the cheesy top bananna, hope that will be good!

Meeting some guy there, who wants to form a band, doing metallica esque stuff, which sounds cool to me..

Laa, laa laa, Laa!

Well, first entry, quite why im signed up i dont know, never really saw myself as much of a writer, but we shall see how it goes!

Just got back from the comady night in the cooler, good fun, wasnt as impressed with the main act as i was with the warm up acts, but it was a good, relaxing night out, in preperation for that 9am (maths) lecture 2moro!

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