November 17, 2005

Toms University Update (Week 6)

Dear All,

Can you believe it? Another week has passed, almost without trace (I
say ALMOST - I have done at least something useful this week), and
I'm back to the Friday 11–12 emailing slot. As the weeks get faster
and faster, I seem to get less and less done. This is probably a bad

Well, the SSAGO social was good fun, we played "Room 101", and my
laptop ended up there for a veriety of reasons, for being a wasp,
for being partially related to hollyoaks, for having windows
installed on it, and for being a computer. (Psst!... No-one mention
the welsh…).

On Saturday it was Rachel Tsui's 20th Birthday, and being a witch
normally, there was a great link to the halloween ball, which I
neatly avoided going to. Just think, no longer a teenager… that'll
be me next year, how terribly scary, dangerously close to adulthood.
Happy birthday anyway

On Sunday I took part in the Archery club's term 1 competition. I
think I came 9th, making me a reserve for the team (yay!) with a
score of 438/600.

Now back into the week, Monday was a 10 hour day, on campus 9–7pm,
with a test at 6pm (Lectures at 6pm? Are they MAD?). I also had an
intersting lab with conveyer belts and bags of sand.
On tuesday I did a whole lot less work than I should, and wednesday
I had a lecture on "Fusion Energy" which described the ITER fusion
reactor they are building in france. The power of the sun, in
france. (No will, it does not look like the one from spiderman). I
am now almost officially in the ceilidh society band, I have a
Bodhran drum to play in next week's ceilidh, which should be very

Mum and Dad came up to visit for the afternoon, which was nice,
althogh I do feel a little guilty about them travelling for about 8
hours just to see me for 3… Really, I'll be home in 28 days, don't
feel that you have to put yourselves out… They brought me up some
teatowels (yay!) and my mp3 player (nice!), and bluetooth headset
(Yay!), and GET THIS people, breaking news! I sent the gamecube
home! Gone! Drastic measures or what, eh?

Thursday evening was the "Peeping Tom" Ceilidh, which involved lots
of dancing (Yep! That's right! me: dancing, in a confused fashion),
and music as well.

Now, as many of you know, I'm not a terribly organised person, so I
am beginning to struggle slightly with the work around here, on
account of not doing very much of it. So, if any of you see me
around campus, or on msn messenger (for those of you who do not know
what this is, ask google… for those of you who do not know what
this is, you've not been watching the news enough on television), or
in emails, I would probably benefit from consistant nagging.

So, I'm off on scout camp this weekend! Hooray! It's going to be wet
and cold and in Leeds! And it means I can productively waste another
weekend. Luckily I already have a headstart on next week's

So, I wish well to all, and send me your news! (or send me a regular
email with a link to your blogs!)I'm feeling a bit cut off from you
all, you know?


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