November 17, 2005

Toms University Update (week 4)

Hello, and Good afternoon to all,

The time has come, yet again, for me to tell you all about the
interesting and exciting adventures I have had over the last week.
As always, don't forget to tell all your friends (even if they don't
know me, Ive been told the email is quite a good read).

Our story begins shortly after the previous episode, with me cycling
to campus with a guitar case on my back…

It's amazing how people don't look to the right on roundabouts, It's
true, it was dark, but the guy coming along the A45 hadn't seen my
bikelamps or reflective stripes as he came down the road. He was
also indicating in the opposite direction he had positioned his car
for, and I could HEAR the passenger in the car shouting "Woa! Woa!
Woa! Woa!" as the car came increasingly close to my back wheel.
Honestly, some poeple.

Anyway, the Ceilidh Society band practice was good fun, I aquired a
little sheet music (although I can't actually read it) to try to
practice my guitar to, and I will need to, as they played WAY to
fast for me to keep up with. I did enjoy trying to play a Bodhran
(Celtic traditional drum), and I managed to play it rather well

Friday's maths lecture is one to look forward to around here, the
lecturer is very funny. He's got a huge mass of bright red hair, a
german accent, is the only lecturer I have who doesn't use
powerpoint (OHP slides instead), sucessfully manages to confuse
himself with his own slides on occasion and comes up with statements
like "for those of you who have not seen this just say 'yes' 'its
there' 'so its probably true' " and "don't try showing this to a
mathematician without proving it, or they might beat you up" (Lizzy
you'd probably like him). He has a leather jacket and drives a
motorbike. Some people have coined the phrase "He's very Punk-Rock"
but I have no idea what that means…

You will have to excuse the very unproductive weekend, I was not
feeling very well, and just played on my computer. We had a very
good fun game of monopoly on Saturday evening though. Won by Merrill
(look, two 'L's, I remembered this time), who had not actually
played it before… beginners luck there I think.

I attended a special lecture explaining the Institues of Civil and
Mechanical Engineering on Monday, and we did get a replacement for
our washing machine (which hadn't been working), but the dryer
doesn't work on it, so we had to get that repaired as well.

On tuesday I went to help with the Kenilworth Beaver and Cub scouts.
The beavers were studying potatoes, which meant potato printing and
eating crisps. The Cubs did presentations for their Naturalist
badge. I successfully didn't finish the second assignment by 2am,
and managed to sleep through archery on wednesday afternoon (sorry

So thursday again, and I wen't to a talk by a computer games company
called Blitz Games, which was quite interesting, they explained lots
of things about how their company worked, and how they expected CVs
and Job applications to appear. There was then lots of computer
games related questions (which I won't bore you with dad). But it
was very interesting. I went following that to the ceilidh band
practice, at which I took some sound clips, and had another go on
that cool drum.

This weekend, I'm going on Scout Camp with the university's scouts,
so I'd best go and pack things into a bag.

Until next week


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