November 17, 2005

Tom's University Update (week 3)

Greetings to all,

You will all be pleased to know that this is the second of my emails,
telling you all of the exciting adventures I am having at the university of
warwick. For those that I hadn't sent the first one to, you'll get the idea.
Feel free to print/forward/show this email to anyone I've forgotten to send
it to.

Well, I've had quite an interesting week, I was able to have a look around
the The university's own radio station, and see exactly how well students
can maintain high tech equipment. I successfully slept through my first 9am
lecture by forgetting to set an alarm clock (I won't be doing that again),
and the workload is starting to kick in, with example sheets and lab reports
now to write up.

On Thursday, I attended a Ceilidh folk music and dance evening at a pub
called "The Peeping Tom" which was quite good fun, although most of you will
know my dislike for actual dance, the music was good.

I had a fairly non-productive weekend, and I've not quite got the hang of
producing 'Roast Dinner for one' yet, I either need more people to eat it,
or less food. Also on Sunday I went to a SSAGO (Student Scout) Campfire,
which we got lost trying to find, navigating in true scout fashion with a
mobile phone, and lots of turning around and driving back again in the dark.
We lit a fire from damp wood and eventually built a fairly stron fire which
we sang some songs around, and toasted (or in some cases: incinerated)
marshmallows. None of the SSAGO members had ever heard the "My Name Is Joe"
song, so very well done by the 3rd Exmouth unit for repeating it enough
times to me so that I could remember it.

I found that the oven had suffered a small amount of damage from being left
on (its very difficult to tell with electric hobs – I hate them) and the
dials on the front had melted slightly and gone wonky. We won't be making
that mistake again, I think.

So a new week begins, with monday lectures between 9am and 7pm (harshly
done), and on Tuesday I was returned my laptop, fully repaired (very
pleased), and the internet connection to our house was activated, making me
'Network Administrator'. So if you get a message saying this is the chap to
contact, then I'm the chap to complain to.

I went to help with a Beaver scout group on Tuesday evening, it took me 35
minutes to cycle the 5(ish) miles to get there (thats 10 mph – is that good
for cycling?), and the Beavers were followed by a Cub Scout meeting, which I
stayed to help with as well (there's also scouts after that, but thats
getting into the realms of excessiveness). I cycled back in the dark, and
the rain, and was nearly hit by a speeding ambulance going through a red
light. I need to have some means of seeing through large red transit vans,
and a lot of reflective stripy things about my person. It's on my to-do

As for Wednesday, I attended a guest lecture called "Inside You" which I had
been given the impression that it was on 'Nanotechnology', but instead
turned out to be on 'Pregnancy Screening', which from my point of view,
slightly less interesting.

Following this I breifly went to the archery club social, the ssago social
(to sign camp forms) and also cycled home to eat things and set up my

I home everyone is having a nice time, and I'd like to hear about other
people's news as well. (It's the new postal system, people, send me mail!)

Until Next week,

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