November 17, 2005

Tom's University Update (week 2)

Dear All,

Inspired as I was by Tom H's "Tom's American Adventure" series of emails that I recieved over the summer (which I really must get around to reading – sorry Tom), I will refrain from this newfangled journal technology known as a WebLog (or Blog), and have resorted to the now old fashioned email service.

What you are about to receive is a quick (or maybe slow) update of my time here at University. I apologise if I've missed out any emails, but feel free to forward/print this email and distribute.

Well now I'm back for my second first year, this time in engineering (the first first year I had in maths was complete gobbledegook, and I do not reccomend it), and I am now staying off campus in a house in the Earlsdon area of conventry with 5 good friends I made last year staying in halls. We have been struggling ever so slightly with our internet connection and phone line, but never fear, because someone living in our road has left their connection 'unlocked' so we can access that using wireless. (This is probably not very legal, but don't tell anyone, we'll have internet in 5 days time).

My new course is going well so far, I've had about a week of "Welcome to…" lectures, and have not acutally had to do any work (It's all change now that I've hit week 2 of course), so have instead devoted my time to searching out the most interesting Clubs and Societies to join up to.

As with last year I have come back to join the Archery club, but now as an inexperienced "experienced" archer, I'm not expecting to be selected for any of the six BUTTS archery competitions this year. I have however joined up with several new societies, SSAGO (Scouts and Guides – Campfire on Sunday), WVGDS (Warwick Video Game Design Society, this will probably be geeky, but I'll see how it goes), Ceilidh (This is traditional British folk music and dance, but don't expect me to dance), Warwick Engineers (Because they made me), and RaW (Radio Warwick, third best student radio station in the country, and I've signed up to the Engineering Department, because it should help with the electronics side of my degree, and looks very good on a CV, Andrew will tell you this is true, being the station manager of Exmouth's own radio station). It should be a good selection, and I'll try to keep the work going well as I become sucked into more involvement in these societies.

But it's not all fun and games, there are lectures to go to as well, I've
had several SolidWorks Tutorials (Computer Aided Design), which is like
playing with a huge set of virtual lego (yay!). There are maths and physics based lectures in the form of "Technological Science", Chemistry and Manufacturing (materials and processes) as well as computer aided design are covered in the topic "Design for Function", and then theres the ever compulsorarily dull buisiness lecture "Economics and the Structure of Industry"; Anyone ever wanted to know about the 'Next Bench Syndrome' of research and development? Or the portfolio analysis method of company mergers? Or how about the 'dog' goods at the end of the product life cycle (Like a standard type of forklift truck which don't make any profit) which are kept only for the purposes of existing? I thought not.

My chefery skills are not doing so hot recently, we have a very stupid electric oven, and I've managed to burn everything I've put in it so far, and it takes a very VERY long time to boil a pan. Oh, and I broke my Laptop, so if I've ever given anyone anything off it, I'd like it back please, because I've lost all my files. And someone in our house has drawn up a cleaning rota, with detailed instructions (she assumed no knowledge of cleaning existed in anyone else), so I've been carefully instructed in the practice of cleaning a toilet. (and NO I will NOT clean yours.)

There, you see, that was longer than even I expected. I may keep you updated again, or you may have to email me with a reminder.

Keep in touch,
Regards to all
Tom (Radford)

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  1. Okay, and that was the only entry I ever left on this blog…

    I’m now fourth year, and have oh so much more work to do…

    02 Mar 2009, 02:04

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