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May 28, 2010

Friday Puzzles #52

Well, I’ve made it through a week going at a rate of a puzzle a day. Let me tell you it’s pretty hard going, and I have big respect for MellowMelon for going as long as he did at that rate. I’m now only 2 weeks behind where I’d like my indexing to be – and so you can look forward to a couple more puzzles coming between now and next week. As an added bonus, I’ve seen my weekly traffic increase somewhat. Although I can’t be quite sure whether this is entirely because of the increased rate of publication, bearing in mind the potentially new audience I mentioned my site to at the WSC [And yes, that report IS coming!!!].

One thing I’ve found is that the stricter deadline made my creativity a little forced, and that was definitely the case yesterday, where the nurikabe – as a solve – was pretty lame. When will designers learn that disguising messages into their puzzles doesn’t please anyone? Anyhow, I initially couldn’t make my mind up whether this was a medium or a hard difficulty puzzle, but I’ve gone for hard to be on the safe side. Enjoy!

#062 Nurikabe – rated hard

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