June 20, 2005

a laggard appearing on tv3

one of the unexpected that happened to me yesteday evening (sunday 19 June 2005 6.30pm) was being interviewed by tv3 on the street..

i didn't comb my hair and were in my very reowned laggard style.. i never think that i will appear on air cos i thought the editor must be cutting me out due my laggard appearance..

and this morning upon arriving in the office my colleague said "hey chan, appearin "tv3 nightline" yesterday night.." OMG!! my laggard looks have been broadcasted all over Malaysia..

June 17, 2005

me in retrospect

few years ago, i used to think that circling around a girl (that i loved) and eventually got married and build up a small family is what i hope in my life, may be i 'm too optimistic and innocent then.

after two years of recovering from hurts and depression, now i realised that all these are NOT what i wanted… may be now.. after too many ups and downs.. i able to see that "se se wu chang.. ren sen ben lai se chong man yi han de" (there're lots of unexpected and life in fact is full of regrets).

i know my pin yin is damn confusing.. * the very pai seh of me * i 'm in the midst of looking for a chinese character software to be installed on my lappy.. any recommendation ??

hmm.. if time can go back three years ago.. the moment i bid farewell to mimos or dc… i should have go for SQ or cathay.. got nice pay and free travel somemore.. but i suppose i 'm too old already and strategically at this point of time i need to emphasize on my commodity skills and my post-grad..

i will say that working and traveling around the world is not just merely for the sake of fun.. but it will definitely widen our horizon and perspectives.. thus, putting us into a better position and equip us with more knowledge to contribute back to our society.. eventually this will be more meaningful to both our career and life, isn't it?

hmm.. should everything go well with my post-grad and career few months down the road.. i really would like to take some leave to go to those under developed areas overseas to do some volunteer works.. hopefully by end of this year..

recently i browsed through those Warwick Volunteers' projects overseas.. but majority of those projects need self funding.. hmm.. bidding farewell to my $$ is always the worst thing in my life.. ;)

i suppose in the past (4 years ago) i have had put too much time in my love.. i really regretted.. cos eventually i wasted two years plus to recuperate from the hurts.. anyway the blessing in disguise is that finally i understand myself more and realized what are the dreams that i will not compromise..

however.. one thing for sure it will be the same old me.. i want to have babies and i want my children to have the best ever education and uni in the world (like me ;-) ) .. warwick or any others ivy league uni.. * the very proud me *

the very regret of me

June 09, 2005

Ea's Samsonite

finally Ea got his samsonite laptop backpack last sunday at midvalley, after eight months of waiting this new design from samsonite to be shipped to malaysia..

i suppose the cuir's quotation was the cheapest i could get in town, it gave me 10 % off the retail price and a free samsonite's luggage lock as well ;)

i guess now with my beloved samsonite freestyler laptop backpack, nowonwards i need not to carry another hand lugage for clothes, if going oustation for just two or three days. Cos despite her compact outlook.. this backpack have two large compartments to put just anything, apart from the laptop compartment.

luv Ea

December 30, 2004

effort versus fate in life

at this moment i feel like to express my feeling and thoughts..

effort or fate… which one is more important and useful to possess?
especially in life and the relationships kind of thing..

there is a famous chinese proverb, sound like the following..

"should you fated to possess it.. you will definitely get it finally..
but should you fated not to have it, then you should not force to get it."

so should we put effort and intitiave into a relationship or any of our hopes?

hmm.. all this while i believed that should we put in enough effort.. it will eventually change the fate.. but i started to change in my perception recently..

there was one morning when i got out from my car i noticed there was a very big catterpillar underneath my car near the front tyre..
the catterpillar was overturned and struggling itself to turn back so that it could crawl again..

i felt very pity to the catterpillar.. so i decided to take a straw from my car to help to turn it.. i managed to turn it and saw it start crawling again.. i thought it will crawl far away..

few hours later.. upon reversing my car i saw the catterpillar lying motionless on the floor of my parking bay.. apparently the catterpillar was still crawling underneath my car.. and when my tyre started to move, she seemed to be trapped..

the rationale that i got was that although i have tried to save the catterpillar and i managed.. but after a few hours, it was still crawling around my tyre.. so this somehow showed that no matter how i help the catterpillar to stay alive and fly away.. but the catterpillar was fated to die..

i felt very upset that day cos i hate to kill, even it was accidentally and it was just a catterpillar. Most dissapointed was that i have had helped her to stay alive and why it was me that accidentally kill the catterpillar..

i 'm contemplating to give up my hopes.. cos i couldn't even help to save a small creature from dying.. what to say to help myself to change the fate..

i hope i can be more optimistic in myself..

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