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I can always be contacted on my Warwick email address, t.bray@warwick.ac.uk.

If you fancy using some snail mail (or you are sending me a package full of delights), my universty address is:
Thomas Bray
Department of History
University of Warwick Humanities Building
University Road
(if you can fit all of that on a small envelope, then I applaud you)

About me


I am currently a first year PhD student in the Department of History, doing research into social work in England, from the mid-1930s to the late 1960s. I am a long-time Warwick student, having done my BA here in History and German, and then an MA in History of Medicine. As part of my BA, I spent a year in Canada (Kingston, Ontario), and a year in Berlin. People often ask me how I managed that, how I managed to convince the good people at Warwick to let me go for two years in a row.

The truth is that I have no idea. Answers on a postcard please.

When I am not researching social work, I enjoy a good bike ride, a game of squash, or some form of arty fun. All of these things will be discussed at length on this blog. I am also a sub-editor for Warwick’s student newspaper, The Boar, and I occasionally do presenting work for Warwick TV. I am also a former Deputy Head of Arts for RaW, the university radio station; I still have a show on RaW, and I am involved in a radio drama called Connected.

Within the Department of History, I co-organise the History of Medicine Reading Lunch, details of which can be found here.
I am also one of the co-organisers for the History Postgraduate Conference, details of which can be found here.
I have yet to create an e-portfolio, but watch this space. When it does get done, it’ll be nothing short of awesome.

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