October 19, 2007

Learning English througth watching TV show and video—Pulished in my common

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  1. Because the Paragraph dosen’t display, so I publish again at here.

    19 Oct 2007, 00:49

  2. 十月 19, 2007
    Learning English througth watching TV show and video

    As an English learner for over several years, I have my own ways to improve and practice my English. The most effective way for myself is from listening to different TV or Broadcast programmes and the conversation between native people.

    I have to say that I am not always a good reader because as for me, the reading materials is less attractive than listening materials. So I always learn vocabularies through listening to the TV show and video on website. When I hear a word repeating very frequently, I can remenber its pronunciation at first and then look it up in the dictionary to get its meaning. Because the words which always appear in TV interview and TV series are the words people use everyday, so collecting these kind of words can solve the problem about everyday’s conversation and involving into the native group.

    Moverover, learning vocabulary through listening is very helpful for me to remenber how to use the word because listening push me to remenber the phrase or the whole sentence. I don’t recite all the meanings which I look up in the dictionary but the only meaning which suit in the sentence I know. I don’t think remenbering all the meanings is useful because it cannot help me to use the word in every different situation which it can be used in.

    In addition, I like learning English in advertisment, road sign, news which I can easily find. These kind of things really include a large number of vocabularies and useful imformation which can help you to get more topic with your native friends and flatmates.

    So, in my opinion, learning English is definitely not a work should do in class but something like a habit and improve daily through everything which can give you useful imformation of studying English.

    19 Oct 2007, 00:50

  3. Tilly Harrison

    I like your strategies – they seem sensible and effective. Keeping a look out for new words in the world around you and on the TV and in general listening is a great idea, and as you say, it forces you to remember the context too. I agree that you should concentrate on the meaning of the word for the context in which you found it, since some words have many meanings and that would only be confusing. These are really good habits – keep them up!

    I wonder why your blog still has a problem – have you reported it?

    06 Jan 2008, 21:12

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