October 06, 2008

My summer vacation

Going back home is excited for me. In the three months summer vacation, I spent a good time at home and experienced some meaningful things which have great influence to me.

For most of the time, life is free and comfortable at home. I choose some books to read to learn something new and also to kill the time. One of the books I read is The New Psycho-Cybernetics which is written by Maxwell Maltz. Through this book, I approached a new field of how to understand myself and achieving the goal as a meaning of life. It engages me to think of my courses which I am studying and what kind of person I want to be. Actually, it apply me a way of how to draw the picture of the future and I have been learning a lot from it.

In addition, I met a person who studied similar courses as mine at university and now he is working in the embassy in South Africa. We had a very pleasant conversation and he told me a lot about his experience after the university time. From his words, I received an idea that studying language in university provides an opportunity of having more opportunities especially in international affairs.

After this summer vacation, from what I have experienced, I see clearer and more certainties of my own future and the motivation of achieving the goal is stronger.

October 05, 2008


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