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January 09, 2009

Wee Hoe is back on track, once again.

Today, I attended the first Karate training session in Sport Centre. Putting on Karate Gi and wearing my black belt gave me the confidence and the sense of being disciplined. Although I am ni-dan, but I have yet to be qualified as a Karate-ka--my ultimate goal in practising Karate-do. Karate-do would be my life-long practice, wherever I am in this world. I am glad now because I achieved one of my New Year resolutions.

My life was relatively unsorted after I moved out from Claycroft. I was hardworking, or I should say my life from March 08 to August 08 was only about research. Almost everything I did, I related them with my research unconsciousnessly. There is a Cantonese saying that could vividly describe such mental state: 'run fire entre demon' (走火入魔). When I met my old friends in Malaysia in September 08, most of them noticed the change I had. However, when I moved into Cannon Park, I was not able to cope with the environmental plus emotional changes. I was lagging from Oct to Dec 08. As I told my supervisors, I feel unease and nonproductive when the sun rises in the late morning and sets about 3:30 pm everyday. On top of that, I was under hypertension and high cholesterol medication. The pills slowed me down, in every aspects of life. Anyway, by relying on the work done before Winter, I managed to survive.

On Wednesday next week, I'll have my Upgrade Examination. I am grateful to have tremendous supports from my supervisors. Besides, after posting "Wee Hoe is preparing for upgrade from MPhil to PhD" in my Facebook, I received a lot of supports from old friends in Malaysia. I am really pleased that to have their support; even my retired primary school headmaster is blessing me now. Under such conditions, the research-oriented Tan Wee Hoe is in need now.

I have spent too much time worrying about my health problems. Now, I listen to GP's advice,' You are too young to start taking those pills. Stop being obsessed about your hypertension problem, measure your blood pressure once or twice a week, you have a lot of other better things to do now.'

I had my haircut myself, like what I did in Claycroft. Now I feel lighter and energetic. I am working on sorting things out and attempting to get those problems I ignored for quite some time solved. When Sun Tzu's The Art of War blinks in my mind, I know Wee hoe is back on track, once again.

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