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April 27, 2008

花钱做环保 – 可敬的瑞士人!





I stayed in a hostel located in Sursee, Switzerland on 15/4 and 16/4. The attitude and behaviours towards environmental protection shown by the lady boss of the hostel, greatly impressed me.

According to her, Swiss voluntarily work for environmental protection since their primary school time. They collect old newspaper in the form of donation. Whenever they are aware of a particular method or product which can help in saving our Mother Earth, Swiss are willing to spend money for installation or to practice the proposed method. Regardless of the economic benefits gain or loss; as long as there is some or even little contribution towards environmental protection, they are more than happy to support.

What a respectful Swiss, bravo! 

Knowledge:The Art of Asking


The Chinese phrase of 'knowledge' means ‘learning to ask’ in wording. I raised up this matter during Prof David Wray's lecture on Discourse Analysis.

According to Flander's research on interaction analysis between teacher and students in classroom (The Two Third Rules), 2/3 of the classroom interaction is teacher's talking; 2/3 of the teacher's talking is asking questions; and 2/3 of the questions the teacher asks are answer-known. Thus, the art of asking questions is really important in the teaching and learning process.

I don't know how many research projects were carried out to study this topic, but what interests me is the analogous context happened to the way Confucious gained his knowledge before he became a teacher. His attitude towards knowledge acquisition and sharing through teaching greatly influenced my study as a life-long learner and my career as a teacher.

I do not learn Confucianism specifically throughout my formal education in Malaysia. It was the practices and the behaviours portrayed by my teachers in primary schools that directed me towards Confucianism. Although I memorised a few quotations of The Analects to pass Chinese Language exams throughout my study in Secondary School, I started to gain interests on Confucianism after I started my teaching in Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL).

It was June 2004, I was appointed as an Instructor at Institut Infotech MARA, UniKL. This particular branch of UniKL was located at Pertama Complex, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Pertama Complex is actually a shopping complex with a bank and office spaces. This was a temporary campus for the institute before its move to UniKL City Campus at Vision City, Jalan Sultan Ismail in June 2006. So, my first two years of teaching life happened in this complex.

I usually had my lunch alone in Chinese restaurants in Pertama Complex. I was the only Malaysian Chinese staff there and I do not eat beef. That’s why I seldom took Malay food with my colleagues because most of the Malay restaurants serve beef or mix beef in their serving. There is a Buddhism book store located next to the Chinese Restaurant which I visited frequently. I knew the boss well and we sometimes spent hours discussing issues on religion, social development, politics and education in Malaysia. I bought (sometimes got for free) books and VCDs on Buddhism and Confucianism. I was more interested in Confucianism rather than Buddhism. Hence, I began to self-study Confucianism in serious mode.

Occasionally, I attended seminars on Confucianism in Kuala Lumpur. I found out that different scholars (sometimes opportunists) interprets Confucianism differently, according to their background and knowledge capacity. Such scenario is very similar to interpreting research studies done by others. Thus, I need to learn how to judge the quality of research as soon as possible to be able to select references for my literature review.

The Design of Toilet Bowl

The design of toilet bowl doesn't need to fit the size of everyone's bottom; when it is in need, everyone will make sure his/her bottom fits the design of the toilet bowl.

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