November 17, 2010

Timi's First Blog! Intro to Warwick Skills Development & Portfolio..

Right, I am going to start by being completely honest; my sole purpose for attending the core workshop was just to find out how to get the award, so as to add something eye catching to my CV and enhance it. Although this is not a crime, and to some it’s a perfectly good reason, I have to say, I got a lot more than I bargained for!

I achieved a lot from attending, but the biggest gain for me was identifying the “type” of person I am through the “The Learning Styles Questionnaire”. Although I have experienced a similar process through the “Myers Briggs test” whilst working as an intern, this was excellent in helping me identify my “learning styles” and how to “use action planning as a useful tool for personal development”. In addition, this assessment was much simpler as it didn’t have any acronyms – e.g.: “INFP”, instead, it was more straightforward – e.g.: “Pragmatist”.

It has opened my eyes to my strengths and weaknesses; for instance although I knew that I loved thinking, listening and analysing things and enjoyed examining theories (this is reflected in my learning of sociology and now international relations). I haven’t actually found an official name to describe my self – for example; during interviews. I now know that I am a “theorist” and a “reflector” (i scored ‘10’ on each), on the other hand, I am definitely not an activist (0 score), and a low pragmatist (7). Now that i know my strong qualities, I can learn to enhance them and use them fully, and more importantly, improve my weak points.

Furthermore, it was good to have the “skills questionnaire”, and identify the ones i need to improve. Interestingly, one of the skills I need to enhance is my “assertiveness”, which is linked to my typology as I am not an “activist”, but I know that I have to build my active side, for me to have a successful career. It was also great to meet other people and hear their accounts; it was comforting to know that: we are in the same boat; I am not alone, and people are also looking to develop just as I am!

Consequently, my action plan is:

1.)  To come up with spontaneous ideas in discussions:

(I have implemented this yesterday, during one of my seminars. During a debate about “terrorism”, I contributed without first – analysing in my head if what I was going to say was valid. As I never speak impulsively, I always analyse it in my head, and if it doesn’t sound “good enough”, I don’t say it. However, it felt great to speak without questioning myself, and even though I didn’t express myself eloquently as I stammered repeatedly, I felt good! Also, the lecturer was impressed with my contribution and enhanced the point i was making, moreover, it is the only way for me to improve, and i will be doing this regularly.

2.)  To take more risks: I will start with taking a risk on something that does not have a massive consequence, and then gradually go higher.

3.)  To do whatever is needed to get the job done (providing it is ethical): I will be more open-minded to different ways of doing things, even though I am not used to it.

4.)  To do something purely because I like it, rather than thinking about them first: I will “let my hair down, back a hunch” and do something i wouldn’t normally do like: going to people i don’t talk to and striking a conversation. As this will “help me learn to trust my feelings more”.

These are my goal for the next 3 / 4 weeks, so until next time!

Good Blog! :)

Timi xxx

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