October 15, 2012

my first week in WMG

during this week, i realised that my life must be tough.

last week, our team studied hard to do a lot of research in CBE mini project.

I learnt what is quality management, ISO9000,EFQM and benchmarking...

but, unfortunately, i just know a part of them

Iknow EFQM is a model which was composed of 14 important EU companies.

for companies, in order to complete for the prize, they have to continuously improve their process.

the 9 criteria are divided into tow parts, one is enablers, another one is results

as same as Malcom Baldridge Prize and blanced scorecard, EFQM is an example of self assessment.

the philosophy of EFQM drove from TQM concept, which utilise benchmark to attain continuous improvement.

the most difficult mini project is searching measurement of results.

to be honest,I still can not catch points.

i spent whole day to find useful info, but i dont know how to make a report and presentation.

i believe that we all will enjoy researching articles, definately!!

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