May 23, 2007

e–marketing methods vs non e–marketing methods

e-marketing methods vs non e-marketing method

First, I use literature review to demonstrate and illustrate the disadvantages and limits of non e-marketing methods…

And I use case study to introduce how effective methods Google Adwords and email database (newsletter) they are…

Is it a good way to organize my dissertation??

dashboard paint

dashboard paint
¡E to our standard editorial review process.

Searches done in March 2007
Count Search Term
5 dashboard paint
¡E to our standard editorial review process.

Searches done in January 2007
Count Search Term
100 how to paint your dashboard

31 car dashboard paint

heat paint and engine paint

heat paint
¡E to our standard editorial review process.

Searches done in March 2007
Count Search Term
191 heat paint resistant

48 heat high paint

30 heat paint red resistant

19 heat paint resistant spray

17 heat metal paint resistant spray

15 heat paint sensitive

12 heat paint
10 exhaust heat paint resistant

9 heat metal paint

9 heat paint resistant tile

8 heat paint reflective

7 anti corrosion heat paint

7 automotive heat paint resistant

7 fireplace heat paint resistant

7 heat paint proof resistant rust

6 bulb heat orange paint resistant

6 genesis heat paint set

6 heat paint proof

5 bulb heat paint resistant

5 color heat paint resistant stove

5 enamel heat paint resistant

5 genesis heat paint painting

5 heat internal oven paint resistant

5 heat paint reflective silver

5 heat paint set
¡E to our standard editorial review process.

Searches done in January 2007
Count Search Term
328 heat resistant paint

309 high heat paint

136 genesis heat set paint

93 heat paint
77 high heat spray paint

69 heat resistant high temperature paint

63 heat resistant spray paint

45 high heat engine paint

42 genesis heat set oil paint

28 heat reflective paint

26 heat sensitive paint

25 heat gun for paint removal

engine paint
¡E to our standard editorial review process.

Searches done in March 2007
Count Search Term
132 engine paint
20 engine motorcycle paint

16 brush engine paint

11 engine paint pj1

10 bay brake caliper engine paint

10 chart engine paint stationary

5 black engine paint

5 engine high in paint silver spray temperature
¡E to our standard editorial review process.

Searches done in January 2007
Count Search Term
580 engine paint
134 pontiac engine paint

84 high temp engine paint

77 mopar engine paint

65 engine block paint

61 motorcycle engine paint

50 engine paint wholesale

49 vht engine paint

45 high heat engine paint

39 harley engine paint

37 how to paint a car engine

37 engine spray paint

27 marine engine paint

26 paint engine bay

25 engine exhaust paint

May 22, 2007

Wrinkle paint

There is one company bidding wrinkle paint on Google

What is wrinkle paint exactly?

wrinkle paint
Searches done in March 2007
Count Search Term
7 paint wrinkle
Searches done in January 2007
Count Search Term
205 wrinkle paint
109 black wrinkle paint
90 wrinkle finish paint
54 vht wrinkle paint
29 krylon wrinkle finish paint
27 wrinkle paint red

wrinkle finish
Searches done in March 2007
Count Search Term
5 finish wrinkle
Searches done in January 2007
Count Search Term
90 wrinkle finish paint
57 wrinkle finish
29 krylon wrinkle finish paint

rust paint

Searches done in March 2007
Count Search Term
39 epoxy olium paint rust
28 rust paint
18 anti rust paint
7 heat paint proof resistant rust
6 rust converter paint
6 oleum paint rust
5 metal no paint ronseal rust
5 paint remover rust stove

Searches done in January 2007
Count Search Term
408 rust paint
204 rust oleum paint
153 paint over rust
65 tremclad rust paint
56 rust proof paint
36 rust inhibitor paint
29 anti rust paint
28 heavy paint rust scalers
28 zero rust paint
27 rust oleum spray paint

There is one company bidding on rust paint on Google

But the product is to prevent rust..not rusty looking paint

And there is a new book
Anyone read it already?

May 19, 2007

case–direct marketing on agriculture field

my case company uses direct marketing in the new range paint on agriculture field…

Is there any possibility to compare this direct marketing in NPI to Google Adwords in NPI?

process? cost? time? risks?



If restoration is a better keyword compare to faux paint finish which only had been searching over hundreds times?

But if someone is searching for restoration..will it be a conflict for crackle paint? Or can we put the ads like:

Car restoration
Make your car back to old shiny day
Crackle finished looking! Fashion!

hmm…it’s just my stupid brainstorming…

But I still people paint their cars crackled?


Searches done in March 2007
Count Search Term
25522 furniture restoration

14077 car restoration

3000 boat restoration

2701 fire water damage restoration

1967 restoration

1683 hair restoration

1231 boston restoration water

1013 antique restoration

995 framing picture restoration

976 cleaning mailto restoration water

975 photo restoration

777 classic car restoration

705 rail restoration

540 car kingdom restoration united

499 restoration hardware

441 auto restoration

395 furniture restoration london

340 foreskin restoration

303 motorcycle restoration

286 jaguar restoration

273 mini restoration

257 scooter restoration

255 building restoration

244 furniture lancashire restoration

238 fire and flood restoration

224 building repair restoration

222 furniture kent restoration

209 sash window restoration

208 stone restoration

197 coach railway restoration

192 floor restoration

191 old photo restoration

190 east north rail restoration

187 restoration team

176 jaguar restoration uk

154 triumph restoration

152 furniture restoration west midlands

150 furniture hampshire restoration

147 surrey furniture restoration

143 parquet restoration wood

142 durham rail restoration

142 restoration

138 east north restoration services

137 vw restoration

132 county durham furniture restoration

131 avon furniture restoration

124 cambridgeshire furniture restoration

116 water damage restoration

115 east furniture restoration sussex

111 house restoration

110 photograph restoration

104 cumbria furniture restoration

104 flood restoration

103 window restoration

101 furniture restoration norfolk

100 clock restoration

98 furniture restoration somerset

95 antique furniture restoration

95 cheshire furniture restoration

94 furniture restoration yorkshire north

93 furniture restoration devon

92 furniture restoration staffordshire

90 furniture lanarkshire restoration

89 vw beetle restoration

89 furniture restoration tyne wear

88 art restoration

88 mini cooper restoration

88 restoration theater

87 art foxing restoration

87 land rover restoration

86 doctor who restoration team

86 furniture invernessshire restoration

85 classic jaguar restoration

85 mg restoration uk

84 classic jaguar restoration uk

84 furniture restoration west yorkshire

81 antrim county furniture restoration

80 restoration project car

79 cornwall furniture restoration

79 sherwood restoration

79 vehicle restoration

78 aberdeenshire furniture restoration

78 property for restoration

77 antique repair restoration

77 restoration and conservation

77 restoration project

76 motor bike restoration

76 book restoration

76 doctor who restoration

76 furniture oxfordshire restoration

76 metal restoration

76 restoration uk

75 furniture lincolnshire restoration

73 essex furniture restoration

71 aircraft restoration

71 furniture restoration south yorkshire

71 restoration and painting

70 brummells hair restoration

69 derbyshire furniture restoration

69 furniture restoration rossshire

US: Restoration
Searches done in January 2007
Count Search Term
69632 restoration hardware

23164 restoration

16372 car restoration

13136 hair restoration

11972 water damage restoration

7445 photographic restoration

6649 photo restoration

6420 artist art restoration

6314 automobile restoration

6188 antique restoration

5181 classic car restoration

4353 fire and water damage restoration

3692 furniture restoration

3319 historical preservation restoration services

3187 america apartheid in nation restoration schooling shame

3021 restoration hardware outlet

2978 art restoration

2801 car restoration shop

2725 restoration

2482 antique car restoration

2418 foreskin restoration

1846 5 book elements photo restoration retouching shop

1786 antique park restoration winter

1689 fire restoration

1611 home restoration

1547 medical hair restoration

1398 digital photo restoration

1347 corvette restoration

1315 mustang restoration

1275 restoration hardware furniture outlet

1262 boat restoration

1261 credit restoration

1191 fire damage restoration

1187 muscle car restoration

1178 restoration hardware coupon

1173 restoration company

1154 historical restoration and preservation

1044 restoration hardware store

1005 auto antique classic restoration repair

988 antique repair restoration

940 meiji restoration

921 hardware restoration

895 restoration hardware furniture

791 paul davis restoration

777 painting restoration

771 restoration part

768 photo shop restoration and retouching

738 document restoration

706 marble restoration

697 camaro restoration

689 stone restoration

644 restoration contractor

641 book restoration

641 surgical hair restoration

639 contractor remodeling restoration

613 art restoration services

583 restoration movement

581 gm restoration part

555 flood restoration

533 concrete restoration

526 doll restoration

521 picture restoration

520 concrete repair and restoration

517 house restoration

505 restoration church

495 god israel life restoration resurrection ultimate victory

487 picture restoration services

468 mopar restoration part

466 concrete repairing restoration sealing cleaning

463 clock restoration

457 mopar restoration

453 steering wheel restoration

442 water restoration

435 automotive restoration

426 building restoration

425 ecological ecological ecology foundation practice practice restoration restoration restoration science science

420 truck restoration

419 audio restoration

419 motorcycle restoration

415 chevy restoration part

413 restoration ecology

413 fire and water restoration

411 antique furniture restoration

408 piano restoration

402 barn restoration

400 photo restoration software

370 mustang restoration part

370 restoration water� �damage

367 vw restoration

365 camaro restoration part

365 chevelle restoration part

358 jeep restoration

355 mgb restoration

354 marriage restoration

352 laser hair restoration

347 park restoration winter� �antique

346 restoration supply

345 a narrative of the captivity and restoration of mrs mary rowlandson

342 hair restoration product

340 bath tub restoration

April 25, 2007

Other tools about Adwords?

I was reading Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords
There are some tools mentioned, like AdWords Acceleration

And Adword Analyzer

Keywords Analyzer

hmmm…maybe try it later…

Faux paint finish

I try a lot of combinations on and .com
crackle paint
crackled paint
crack paint
cracks paint
crackle finish paint
“crackle” paint
Crackle paint

None of them show even 1 search on overture, no matter .com or .uk

I search faux paint paint

Searches done in March 2007
Count Search Term

354 faux paint finish

7 faux paint technique

6 faux paint effects

5 faux paint paint
Searches done in March 2007
Count Search Term

682 faux paint finish

491 faux paint
154 faux paint technique

98 faux paint wall

65 bellagio faux paint

49 faux furniture paint

47 decorative paint and faux finish

33 marble faux paint

25 faux finish paint pricing

25 faux finish paint technique

25 faux michelangelo paint

25 faux wood paint

It looks like faux paint finish is the dominant keywords.
But I am also curious about does faux equal to crackle?
and there is one company producing similar product
I found it on Google…

And I also try to find the bid price for faux paint finish
the minimum is 0.05 pounds
And there are three links shown on the page

1. Faux-Finish Paint
Buy Faux-Finish Paint at SHOP.COM. The New Way to shop, One Stop – Start to Finish.
(Advertiser’s Max Bid: ¢G0.10)

2. Faux Finish Paint – Compare Prices
Get great prices on the products you are looking for at Bizrate.
(Advertiser’s Max Bid: ¢G0.10)

3. Faux Finish Paint at Shopzilla
Shop fast – Shop smart – Shopzilla.
(Advertiser’s Max Bid: ¢G0.10)

Wordtracker0425 part2~click on crackle

I keep clicking on the number 1 that shows up, crackle.
And other words as well, but it will be clearer to put in word file.
But some information shows up…
Hmmm and negative words as well..

Searching…100 row(s) returned
Taken from all Dogpile & Metacrawler queries over the last 90 days.
Your trial results have been filtered to remove adult words.
Click here to add all keywords to your basket
Keyword (?) Count (?) Predict (?) Dig (?)
snap crackle pop 62 109 dig
crackle paint 31 55 dig
crackle 28 49 dig
crackle weave 28 49 dig
lung crackles 25 44 dig
crackle glass 18 32 dig
chocolate crackles 16 28 dig
crackle barrel 16 28 dig
crackle finish 15 26 dig
6mm round crackle glass beads 14 25 dig
crackles 14 25 dig
milk paint crackle 14 25 dig
crackle finish on canvas 12 21 dig
ms and lung crackles 11 19 dig
crackle faux finish 10 18 dig

The other 85 keywords are available
in the enhanced version!


What is the relationship between crackle and networking???
Why does it show up???

Related keywords for crackle
Why do I need related keywords? Click here
1. crackle
2. Crackle
3. art
4. painting
5. crackle work
6. crackled effect
7. Trailers
8. crackle glaze
9. crackle effect
10. Samuel
11. networking
12. Curtis
13. crazed crackled
14. Prints
15. community

The enhanced version would display 285 keywords here.

(If the above keywords are irrelevant, please use the back button
in your browser and try a different keyword)

Click on any single keyword below. Results will appear in the right hand window.
1. crackle
2. crackling
3. crepitation
4. crackleware
5. crackle china
6. crepitate
7. crunch
8. scranch
9. scraunch
10. noise
11. china
12. rattle
13. make noise
14. resound
15. change

The enhanced version would display 285 keywords here.

(If the above keywords are irrelevant, please use the back button
in your browser and try a different keyword)

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