November 14, 2012

Collaborative Sandpit

Hi All,

As you may have recieved an email regarding "Collaborative Sandpit"

The Collaborative Sandpit will be a full 2 days event dedicated to develop new and creative interdisciplinary research proposals, with the 3 best proposals being awarded £5,000 each, to support the subsequent development of the project.

It would be nice to meet and discuss the research proposal for the Systems Modelling SIG. However, I understand that everyone might not be able to make it on such a short notice. Hence, let us all use this blog to present our ideas and agree to a common proposal to be presented from the Systems Modelling SIG.

June 30, 2012

Benefits of Joining SIG–Systems Modelling

In the meeting held on 28th June a Brain storming session took place among the members of the group which raised the following questions. It was also decided that perhaps this questions can also be shared with the other Wolfson SIGs.

The questions are as follows.

Benefits of Interdisciplinary Research:

  1. What is Interdisciplinary Research?
  2. Why should I join the group?
  3. Success stories?
  4. How can student contribute to this SIG group?
  5. Frequency of meetings?
  6. Current Projects?

All members are requested to comment and participate in contributing to these questions.

June 28, 2012

Meeting 2

Hi All,

We are meeting at 5pm in the Research Exchange in Seminar Room 1. All members and research students interested in Systems modelling group are Welcome!


June 25, 2012

Systems Modelling Outline by Emilio

Systems modelling: systems_modelling_group.pdf

Systems’ modelling is quite an abstract concept that can be applied to different

areas of human knowledge.


The major aim of this group will be to identify common features within different

systems disciplines and to enquire on how the functioning of each subsystem

relates to the whole.

Areas of interest:

Computer Science

Weather forecast

Energy management (different scales)

Sustainable agriculture

Environmentally sustainable economy

Molecular biology

Systems biology

Banking practices and the effects in other systems

Social and cultural cohesion

Holistic human health care system

Common goals to all systems:


Waste zero

Long‐term functionality

System resilience

Areas of systemic effect and functional overlap

Why interdisciplinary research matters:

“Everything is related to everything”, e.g. social systems are affected by changes

in the energy and environmental systems, and vice versa.

Knowing the inter‐systemic dynamics helps balance all systems.

Balance in the systems, a road to prosperity?


June 21, 2012

Call for Problems

Members as discussed in the first Systems Modelling meeting, here is a blog to discuss Interdisciplinary problems and issues.

Please feel free to initiate!


Welcome to the Systems Modelling group of Wolfson Special Interest group. This is a space for the members of Systems Modelling group to share thoughts and ideas. This blog will not only serve as a means of communication among the members but also a place to record all the activities of the meetings.

Therefore, I request all the members to actively participate in this blog and continuously visit it to keep up to date with the latest activities of the Systems Modelling group.

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