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June 21, 2013

Overcoming domestic and orientation obstacles!

On the 19th of June, I attended the 'introduction to skills develompent and Warwick Skills portfolio award' workshop run by Dr Amanda Randall. For me, it really opened my eyes to some basic, yet incredibly useful concepts, namely reflection and working to your strengths whilst building on your weaknesses.

I feel that already I have implemented small changes into my life:

For example, reflecting on experiences was something I did not do enough of. Perhaps I spend alot of time thinking, but I don't usually draw practical conclusions from these thoughts! However, this morning I decided to reflect upon something quite significant for me. It also ties in with the second part of the workshop: learning styles. I realised that I am an acitivist yet lack pragmatic and theoretic approaches. One of my main issues is orientation: when travelling with others, I sit back and relax, despite actually being a part of the journey and procedure. I also get anxious when finding somewhere by myself, even if I have visited the place before. However, this morning, I faced a challenge as I embarked on a new route from my relatives in the Coventry area, to the University. At first, I was anxious and I doubted my ability to do the route. However, I had seen the route many times in the car, and used my instinct, deep breathing and reasoning skills. In the end, after a long walk, I found my way perfectly, without a single wrong turn.

Thus, when I triumphantly reached my flat, I decided to refect on this experience. This is my reflection: experience: overcoming orientation anxiety. Positives: I remained calm and rational, used my instinct and trusted my self. Not so positive: was a bit nervous, doubted my self a bit. I feel really proud. I want to stop panicking in these situations and also not panic when crossing busy roads! I also want to stop relying on others when travelling. I will try more walks, both new routes and old, and I will invite people to come with me, but make myself take responsiblity, not simply lose awareness because I am with company! Things that may hinder me: self doubt and tendency to rely on others. To develop my learning further I will research some walks on campus, as well as do this in my holidays. I am visiting Spain and Germany and my orientation skills are going to be vital here.

Finally, other ideas have come to me that I have put into my action plan. After the workshop, I feel the things I need to concentrate on are actually more minor, practical aspects of my life which will enable me to be more independent and to support myself. These are: 1)orientation and reasoning 2) domestic - making my bed in particular and 3) creating concrete plans and sticking to them.

To tackle these I aim to 1) embark on more walks and use google maps, become more independent. 2) go on the internet and once and for all, find out a good method of making my bed, complete this and show someone else to prove I can do it. 3) create a spreadsheet on excel for my plans.

I have already begun 1 and 3.

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