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December 30, 2006

23rd, Dec. Glastonbury Tor, Wells Cathedral, and Wookey Hole.

Follow-up to 22nd, Dec. A long long trip… from Shuang's blog

It was a full day that day.
Our journey started since 9 in the morning. Alex and his girl friend, accompanyed with me. We firstly went to Glastonbury. But because of the coldness in the morning, we didn’t climb the hill to the top.
Then we went to Wells Cathedral. It was so respectful of the famous West Front. It was suggested 356 sculptures on the front. So it was regarded as the largest galleries of sculpture in the world. when I went into the Nave, my eyes were drawn to the unique ‘scissor arches’. Although it looked a bit modern, it was a mediaeval solution. Some people were singing Carols under the middle of the arche.
The next destination was the Wookey Hole. The hole was used to be inhabited by the Celts and Iron Age people who found shelter and warmthe in the caves. It was suggested that it was cool in summer, while warm in winter. They used a Welsh legend to lead the trip. The legend said that King Arthur slew a Black Witch who inhabited the many chambers of the fascinating labyrinth of wonderful rock formations. Walking through the hole, we went into a park, which was full of fake dinosares, kingkong, mermaids. I found children liked them very much. Then we saw the museum which could tell the history of the caves. There has been a Paper Mill at Wookey Hole for centries. For this reason, we got the chance to see and try paper-making by ourselves. Finally, we played a lot of Victorian Penny Slot machines. Although it was not difficult to play, it was great fun.

December 28, 2006

22nd, Dec. A long long trip…

Follow-up to So fantastic the Christmas was! from Shuang's blog

Because of excitement, I got up at 5:30 in the early morning. Alough my train was at 9:24, I arrived at the station at only 8:10. I red the Metro when I was waiting. Becaust of the foggy weather, the first train was late for 10 mins. After I took the train from Coventry to Reading, I needed to take another train from Reading to Castle Cary. However, the latter train was delayed for nearly 1 hour, also because of the foggy weather. Luckily, I finally reached my destination. When I got off the train, I saw a middle-aged man and a young man walking towards me. And I knew, they were my host father and brother.
My host family have a farm in Somerset. They keep some cattle and sheep. They live in a very old house which has over one hundred years history.
They were all waiting for me to have lunch together, although it was nearly 3pm when I arrived home.
The first day I was busy learning how to use everything in the house. I tried my best to remember everything, but I always forgot. Before we went to bed, my host father told me their plan for the following day. The next day, Alex, my host brother, would guide me a touring.

So fantastic the Christmas was!

During this Christmas I went to a lacal family in Somerset. And I could tell it has been the most fantastic Christmas I have ever had. I wrote diaries every day there. Now I would like to tell stories during the six days trip.

December 08, 2006

The only two people who will be worried about me forever.

Yesterday afternoon, when I finished my day was already 3:30pm, which was already 11:30pm in China. However, I found my mother was still on line. So I talked to her through web camera. She looked so worried and asked me for my life. I was confused by her act. She told me that she received an e-mail that was written in English where she could only recognized my name. Then she became worried about my situation and life, she thought I might have met some troubles, so the university emailed her to inform her. Because she couldn’t read English, she just called her friends and reletives to ask whether they could help her translating the email. She was so worried that she couldn’t sleep at all. She just waited for my call.
I was really shocked by her reaction. I thought she was overacted at the very beginning. But later, I felt it was automatical love out of a mother. I feel so lucky and happy that I am being worried by two people every minute, no matter who I am, where I am, or what I am doing-they are my father and mother!

Singing Carols in the Church

Last night I went to Coventry Cathedral to sing Carols in the Church. It was really awesome! I enjoyed singing and listening the carols very much. My friends told me it was kind of traditional Christmas activity here.

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