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November 30, 2006

Dad, Mam, I love you!

I have dreamt of my parents twice this week. Maybe because there were something happened, maybe because I was burdened with the exams and essays.
What was miracle, my father gave me a call in the early morning around 5am, just at the moment I was dreaming of him. He told me he missed me very much. I was moved at that moment.
My mother is sitting in front of computer waiting for me everyday. She could even find out I am unhappy when we are talking, no matter how I hide the unhappiness.
Although sometimes, the difficulties of life may make me feel low and upset. As soon as I think about my parents, I will feel energetic again!
Dad, Mam, I miss you! I love you!

November 25, 2006

Could you give me some suggestion?

Follow-up to Long time no see, my blog! from Shuang's blog

Acturally, this week did happen something make me excited!
I was invited by a UK host to celebrate the Chritmas with her family. But I met my first problem, how I could travel there, as I haven’t vesited other places by myself. Anyway, I will find it!
Another problem, I am not quite sure about what I should take with me as present? And how British pepple give presents to their host when they visit someone else?
Could you give me some suggestion?

Long time no see, my blog!

It was really a busy week! Every day I just experienced panic and buried myself in the sea of theories.
Now I want to give myself a little rest, and come and see my friend, the blog.

November 21, 2006


Since we are so busy this week, every time my Chinese class mates want to encourage themselves, they would say :” I am energetic now, because I am going back home soon.” At that moment, I would ask myself what the destination is for me, cause I won’t go back home during the long vecation.
I remember that the day before yesterday, my father was a little drunk, then he called me and told me that he missed me so much. Otherwise, if he wasn’t get drunk, he would not say that, because he did not want to create more pressure to me.
Thus I think I at least find a chance to go back home during Easter, maybe only one or two weeks, but that is enough for just meeting my parents. Maybe we could stay together in a beautiful city where all of us would like to visit, and enjoy the moment to be together.
So now, I have my desstination and aim, I am motivated, because I am going back home next term.

November 17, 2006

What a busy week…

Next week, we have one test for Sociolingustic, one assignment draft for culture studies, and a lot of readings for Translation theories.
What a busy week it is!

November 16, 2006

Be brave to welcome challenge!

I said I was low the day before yesterday, just because I knew I needed to be harder and harder. Because I have to compete with the local students who are much outstanding than me in English.
But yesterday, I went to see my tutor. She was so kind to give me her own opinion on everyone’s future choice. I listened to her opinion, and I finally thought through. I knew I should live a life which was out of my own will and interest. And I am not learning for the marks or the final certificate, but I am enriching my horizon and life experience, which would help me to find my real desire and need of life.
Now I know my disadvantage, but I will be brave to welcome each challenge!

November 14, 2006

What I learnt from the refugee children

Today is the weeky voluntary project again. I have already formed the habit to go there every week; otherwise, I will miss those children. Before I went there, I was very low. But during the two hours, we palyed games, chatting with each other, did some creative activities, such as using the recycling material to make something in our mind.
I did enjoy the time with them. Meanwhile, I also learnt something from them.
One of the children looked tired today, so I asked him the reason. He told me he had a lot to do, and he might stay up the whole night. But he still came and joined us for a few hours. Then I just thought about their life. They are refugee children, so they had no certain destination of future. However, they still tried to let themselves join this society and tried to live a happy life. I quite admired them.
I think I need to be brave just as they are. I need to have confidence for tomorrow.

I am really under pressure.

Last week we took a quiz last week, whose result would be known tomorrow personally. And today our tutor just showed us the general level of the whole class. None of us got marks more than 70. That is, no one among us reached the 2 first level.
She told us if we would like to further our MA degree in warwick, we must reach the 2 first level. As I heard about it, I was really worried about my future. But now, the only thing I could do is to study harder and harder, and even harder.
For the first time, I have felt uneasy and difficult to learn and live in a foreign country. And I think about my parents in the China; they are working hard for the whole family, especially for me. I must be committed to them!
I must be brave and tough to face the difficulties here.

November 12, 2006

Say bye to the reading week.

Today is Sunday, that is, the last day for reading week.
To be frank, there happened a lot just during this single week. And some of the things did make me happy.
Most of all, my parents’ wedding anniversary. During this week, my parents celebrated their the 22 anniversary. They had a good night with their old friends, and they showed love through their own way. That was really sweet and happy. Then I talked to them through web camera and gave my best wishes to them. I think at that moment we were the happinest family in the world.
I still enjoyed the voluntary work and the one-day trip to Nottingham.
In addition, I also watched some famous movies, which I had no time to watch before this week, such as “The Pianist”, ” The Goal”,” and “Godfather”.
By the way, all of my “family” have been back home now. I did miss them during the whole week. So I am really really happy with their return.
Now I would like to say goodbye to this fantastic reading week.

November 11, 2006

An awesome trip to Nottingham!

Today I joined the one-day trip to Nottingham organised by the International office. I got up very early and caught up the bus. Actually, I forgot to print out the information I found about touring in the city, so I did not think it would be fantastic. However, I was wrong, it was really really enjoyable.
I visited the city with another two international students. One was from France, while the other came from Cyprus. Although we all had our own language, we tried to communicate with each other while helped the other two be understood.At first, we visited the Nottingham Castle, where was very very beautiful at the moment in this season. We visited the Arts Gallary. It was really cool, because we could see a lot of famous historical things and paintings there. However, we were not allowed to take photos. I still left my hope for future there.Then we went to the city centre to do some shopping. Each of us found some interesting books there. Finally, we found a French cafe to take a rest, as we had been walking all the time. We talked through eating. Then we dicided to learn foreign languages from each other. That part was most enjoyable. We almost forgot the time to catch up the coach. I still sang some Chinese songs to them. Although they did not speak Chinese, they sometimes could get the information of the songs. It was amazing.
On the way back, we talked about our life here. And we also encouraged each other. I also promised them to teach them Chinese. I was really happy with the journey, and the new friends as well.

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