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October 11, 2007

ATONEMENT, moved, but dislike the ending to the lovers~

Tonight, my bf and I went to the Arts Centre to watch the new film Atonement.
It’s really wonderful, although the story is not that complicated. The way of filming, in which the story is telling is a bit strange; because sometimes the consequences come firstly, then followed by the reasons- just same as the way in our academic writing.
The main story happened in WWII, but there are not so many scenes about the war. But the director uses some documentary scenes of the war, which have shown the sorrow and death that wars bring to human beings.
From my one viewsight, I think there are four aspects about life shown in the film. One is of course about love; one is about people’s understanding or reaction towards sex during the war period; also another one is about the inner development of teenagers, esp for girls; while the last one is about guilt and regret in people’s hearts.
Today, I found a very funny thing that almost 90% of the audience were senior people. And at the end, most of them felt sad about the ending, or maybe about sth that deeply in their hearts.
It’s quite late anyway, I’ll keep on talking my opinion tomorrow after I do some reading about others’ comments. I may remember some points that I cannot get in such a sleepy condition.

October 10, 2007

Lichfield! I found the tiniest English dictionary!

Today, Red Chan and Micheal guided our class a trip to Lichfield. Our original and main purpose for the trip was to look for information about Sameul Johnson, who composed the first English dictionary. It was quite a small town, but I liked the place, as people living there were very friendly and happy. I also liked the houses there, which made me think about the fair stories in my childhood. Anyway, the place I spent most of my time is the museum of Dr. Johnson’s.

Deadly busy, but quite happy and enjoying~

The first week passed so quickly, as I was deadly busy at the very beginning of my final year. I got many appointments with my tutors, in order to discuss with them about my future plan. I was also worrying about my boy friend’s new life in UK, as it was his first year; of course he did have to face a lot of problems, such as cooking, communication, and finding lecture rooms and so on. Anyway, now his life is getting better and better; he can cook on his own, sometimes for me. I am really happy for him.
This year will be really busy, because out of my modules, I have one voluntary project to run; I also have signed up the WSC modules, as I have already got 20 cats for the first year. Life is really challenging, but I am sure I will try my best to adjust the relationship between study and my own life, because I have clear mind of my life long goal and my responsibility.
To be frank, I am really moved that I can always feel being attached importance by my bf. I also feel a bit sorry as I cannot accompany with him, just like other bf and gf, because of study and work. But he is really kind; he does understand me and encourage me to concentrate on learning. Although we don’t know what may happen tomorrow, we do know we should work hard together for our bright futures. So when we look back at the life in Warwick, we will never be regretful and ashamed.
“Never loose a single opportunity, as it will never come back again.” It is also the very reason that I decide to fall in love with my bf.

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