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February 12, 2007

Billy Liar teaches me…

Last Saturday, I went to Birmingham to watch the play of Billy Liar. Two weeks before that, I had already finished reading the script of the play, so I could understand most of the content when watching.
The story is very simple; it decribes a young man named Billy who is always lying and day-dreaming. He not only lies to his family, his boss and collegues, as well as his three girlfriends. It is very funny because of those funny lies told by Billy. There are always some qurrals within the family, or between his girl friends.
However, after laughing, I think more about the characters in the play.
The grandma is an unhappy old woman, I think. Because most of the time, she is sick; meanwhile, she is attached less importance by her son-in-law and grandson.
Billy’s mother is also a tragedy character, because she spends most of her time doing housework and worrying about her son.
The father, to him, everything is ‘bloody’.
As for Babara and Rita, they are both cheated by Billy. The only difference is that one of them keeps mild, while the other is rude.
Liz is a special character, although not good performed in that play. She has the most similar personality with Billy. They both like day dreaming; they are both self-important. Only in front of her, Billy could not lie, because she could always see through him.
Last but not least, Billy, the liar, in my opinion, he invites me to think a lot. Firstly, he is immutual. He lies without thinking about the consequences. Then he is inconsiderate; he doesn’t think about his mother’s feeling about the letter; he doesn’t think about his father’s embarrassment when his boss goes to meet him; he also doesn’t think about the girls he has cheated. In addition, he is also selfish. He doesn’t even care about his grandma’s death.
I feel so sad for him. But he invites us to think about ourselves and the whole society. I find there are a lot of nursing houses in the UK. I used to be told the shops and markets were the only places for the seniors to meet people. I myself is also a member of Age Concern Volunteers.
I feel most of time we think about ourselves too much. We forget who affords our expensive tuition fees; who always spoils us when we make mistakes; and who shows smiles when we leave them, but sheds tears when they are alone- our parents.
Billy is an unfortuate product produced by his parents; finally his parents also receive the pain they have planted before. Thinking about Billy, thinking about ourselves, thinking about what the next lies are being made by everyone in the whole society.

February 10, 2007

Becoming tough!

It is coming Chinese New Year; so I have been being homesick for several days. During these days, I tried to keep myself as busy as I can. Everyday, I went to library, signed up for WSC; however, even I was busy enough, I sometimes still felt upset without any reasons. Maybe it is the first time I haven’t been home during the Chinese New year. It would be also difficult for my parents to bear the quietness without my noise.
Just now, I phoned my grandparents, as well as my parents. I told them my busy life here. I also told them I had decided I would go out on the Chinese New Year Eve, in order not to be homesick. I do not want to cry, while my raletives are crying in the other side. And just when I said bye to my grandma, I heard her voice was a bit sad. If it was the past, I must have been crying out as I pulled off the phone. But today, I didn’t. I was becoming tougher and braver.
I don’t know whether it is good or not, but it is true. It is my change. The world is changing everyday, as well as ourselves. I just want to be myself, a real me. That is enough.

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