February 26, 2008

It is real life: learning from James Son of James

Seems it has been ages since last time I wrote a blog, anyway, today I just watched the play of “James Son of James”. Although laughing throughout the whole play, but what made me think about the most was that it did reflect real life.

I quite agree with the saying of “James son of James is about how an outsider infiltrates and stirs the settled hypocrisy in a small community.” of the Irish Theatre Magazine. As I have just found that the close relationship apprently between people is so easily to be broken.

There is a popular saying among young people in China that “they will not be forgived by God, if people do not do things for their own benefits”. Young people always tend to use such kind of saying as a joke when they gain benefit for themselves. However, when the uni students do join in the society, when they get involved in all kinds of social activities, what I have seen in the play may finally happen.

Everyone in the play tends to do someting really really selfish, even what they do will do harm on others. If the young man tries to make James into troubles with the robbery is forgivable, because of his lack of mutural thinking, what his mother has done could never be understood. Even so, the police, Mr Nauthy, is also so rediculous that he’d rather believes in what others say, but he does not want to think calmly and believe his own wife. That makes me wanna cry, if the closest person we cannot believe, who else we could depend on?
Life is tough, I always know. But James makes me think about how weak the harmony relationship between people living in reality, whenever the relationship has to be compared with the benefit of him or herself.

This reminds me about one Chinese series I have ever seen which is about how people deals with the love in front of reality, which are money, fame, responsibility, etc. The main actress is betrayed her lover, who is the only one she could depend on after her mother’s leave and her father’s death. Her best friend finally decides to stay with the man she loves enen if they suffer the lack of money; however, she finally could only see her lover’s death in a car accident just about a handred metres away from her. Life is playing tricks with everyone, I think the main actress seems to be the happiest one, while at the end she chooses to be a teacher in a poor countryside primary school, but she enjoys her life.

The other day, I questions that why I have gradually lost some real friends, at least I think they were. I could always do self-reflection, I could always think about what I have done wrongly; but later I would also question whether I have done something really serious to break our friendship? I can’t find anything I did or they did wrong, but just reality.

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  1. Natalie Sharpling

    Hello, I hope you don’t mind my commenting but I was interested to read your blog entry. I don’t know this play very well, but I was struck by what you said, namely that we can so easily lose friends easily, and yet we don’t know why. To be honest, I can’t think of any reason why your friends would have left you – but in my case, I feel I have lost one good friend recently, because this person did not seem to welcome me being open and truthful about myself. I suppose it’s much easier for us to play along with the illusion of lfe, and to pretend to be perfect, than to be authentic (albeit imperfect). Being truthful about ourselves can be a big risk because people find out things about you that they didn’t know before. But we still do find consolation in the few good friends we have that accept us as we are.

    28 Feb 2008, 17:36

  2. Thanks Gerard~ I do agree that “Being truthful about ourselves can be a big risk”. I am quite a direct person, I will tell my friends that what I exactly think in my heart, but because of this, I have been made use of by some ‘ex-close friends’. Every time I find they have been away from me, I may have no use for them. That kind of situation is really hurt.

    28 Feb 2008, 23:09

  3. Also, by the way, Gerard, several people around me recommend others to watch it.

    28 Feb 2008, 23:21

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