March 14, 2008

Becoming Jane(in Haiku)

Passionate she lives,
Irony she favorites,
Novelist she is.

Refusing richness,
Giving up she falls in love,
She, is Jane Austen.

Unpredicted gift,
Sense and Sensibility,
Pride and Prejudice.

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  1. Natalie Sharpling

    Hello Shuang, I hope you are enjoying the start of the Easter holidays! :) I really enjoyed the haiku poems you wrote. They were very thought provoking. What interested me as well was the title – becoming Jane. It could mean ‘becoming’ in the sense of ‘getting to be more like’ or ‘becoming’ in the sense of ‘suiting’ or ‘being appropriate to…’.
    It could also be read differently depending on gender – a male reader might read it as ‘the possibility of stopping being themselves and becoming someone else’ (in this case, Jane).
    Here is my reply in haiku:
    Trapped within my shell.
    I yearn to be another.
    This my wildest dream.

    17 Mar 2008, 23:26

  2. Thank you so much for you comment and your reply, Gerard. Actually, I wrote this poem just after I watched the film about Jane Austen. I really liked the way the film showed me. These days I have watched sevral classic films, such as Jane Austen, Shakespeare in Love, and comedy as well, like BJ Diary. I may write an entry about choice in love by learning from these films.

    BTW, on the last day of Spring term, I received the offer from CELTE in ELSM. I am really happy. Now I am working hard on my essays, as I will go back to China for two weeks soon, just in order to have a little break. So I have to work hard for the rest.

    18 Mar 2008, 04:11

  3. Natalie Sharpling

    Hello Shuang, many thanks for your reply and congratulations on receiving your offer from CELTE. I’m delighted to hear that – well done! I like the film Shalespeare in Love and would be interested to hear your thoughts. I suppose my qustion is ‘do we really choose?’ when we fall in love with someone, or does it just happen? Even the great kings and queens realised this – look at what happened to Antony when he fell in love with Cleopatra. He cast aside all his ambition for love. But it wasn’t a rational decision. He did it in spite of himself – I suppose.

    Hope you have a good break in China and say hello to quiqui from us!!!

    18 Mar 2008, 16:21

  4. Yangyu Xiao

    Congratulation, dear Shuang. I am sure you will like ELSM in CELTE. I do love it very much. I would like to watch Shalespeare in Love and maybe I could borrow a copy from you later :)

    Have a nice time in China!!!

    18 Mar 2008, 22:26

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