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March 07, 2008

My 'little brother', Qiuqiu

The title of today’s entry may confuse some of you. Yes, I am the only child in my family, whcih had been mentioned in my former entries. Here, the one that is regarded as my little brother is my dog, Qiuqiu, who is now already 8-year old.

I was born with a heart keen on keeping animals. To the best of my recollections, I used to keep two cats in my early childhood for about 7 years, and two chicken in my primary school, two turtles in the middle school, then finally came to my dog. I remember it was the winter vacation in the third year of my middle school, I was a bit bored with all kinds of revision and homework. Because both of my parents had to go to work every day, I had to stay at home on my own.( as I was a shy and obedient girl who did not go out at all when I was young) In order to make me happy, my Mum’s friend decided to give me a baby dog. The night before Qiuqiu came, I could not fall asleep at all, as I was so excited to think out a unique name for my dog.

When finally I saw the little creature trembly standing in front of me, I decided to name him Qiuqiu. (Because it looked like a ball, and in Chinese, “qiu” means a ball; the repetition is in order to make the name more pretty) The first day when qiuqiu was in my home, it must have been his big day, or maybe terrible day, as I kept to feed him with all kinds of food; for instance, I firstly gave him one boiled egg yolk, he seemed to be still hungry; then I fed him with another two egg yolks and one bowl of milk; later, I still thought that was not enough, so I fed him with more yolks, and I couldn’t remember how many yolks I fed him. Also because I was afraid that he would feel cold if I left him on the floor, I put him on my bed. But unfortunately, he had taken too much milk, he finally “drew a map”(had a pee) on my sheet. He was so pretty, so I didn’t want to blame him for the mistake he had done.

From then on, every day Qiuqiu just followed me here and there. He has then learnt to go to the toliet, to drink and eat with his own bowls. He’s also learnt to go to toliet to wait for a shower after a walk outside. Most of all, he’s learnt to watch my bedroom door for me, especially when I don’t want my parents come in to disturb. I remember when I was in the high school, I kept telling him to stop my Mum coming into my room many times, then he finally got it. Every time my Mum attempted to go into my room, he would bark and stand in front of the door, as if he was saying: you cannot get into unless you can successfully pass me. He is so sweet.

Because we had never seperated from each other before my university, when I left him, he refused to eat and drink. My Mum told me that he just sitting in front of the gate, watching carefully people passing by, he was waiting for my back. When I heard about that, I was crying, so I decided to ‘talk’ to him. It was the first time I talked to him through phone. I told him I was attending school, I would go back home during holidays. I persuaded him to eat and follow my Mum’s order, and also I missed him a lot. I don’t know at that moment how much he could understand me. But guess what, he shed tears, my mum told me he cried. No matter how much he got, at least he started to eat, but still kept waiting at the gate every day.

Now every time I give a call to home, I will talk to him. He sometimes does reply by giving me some sound, such as barking, or breathing. Sometimes when my parents are talking about me, he will still shedding tears. Also since he saw me once through the web-camera, he always jumps onto the lap-top and sleeps on it, in order waiting for me. I don’t know how clever a 8-year dog can be, but he knows he could see his ‘sister’ (me) in the screen of a lap-top. My Mum also tells me that, even till now, he is still watching everyone who enters my room, as once he sees someone moving my things, he would bark and chase them as a thief.
Pets just like human beings who have mind and thinking, and who have clear mind what they love or don’t like; most of all, pets are creatures who know the best meaning of thanksgiving.


Oh, my dearest Qiuqiu, my little brother.

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